Can a freestyle be planned

Freestyle Hall is being modernized thanks to funding

The Freestyle Hall has been used for extracurricular sports activities since 2010, most of which take place in the afternoon and evening. The main focus of the sporting activities are football and basketball as well as the trend sport parkour.

Many children and young people from the Wesertor and beyond spend their free time here. In addition, successful integration work takes place in the Freestyle Hall. One of the slogans is therefore appropriately: "Sport as the key to more integration". This project, financially supported by the city of Kassel, has received several awards in recent years, including the Hessian Elisabeth Prize in 2019 or 2012 from the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation.

But the hall is a so-called cold hall that can only be heated marginally. The renovation and modernization project, which is funded as an investment measure by the federal-state program Social Cohesion Wesertor (formerly Social City Wesertor), is now addressing this problem. In addition to a new heating system, the hall will also have its own sanitary facilities and new group rooms, which are to be housed on a newly moved level.

City planning officer Christof Nolda explains: "Almost 500,000 euros in funding and municipal funds are being invested in the project. The modernization of the hall is thus the largest funding project to date in the area of ​​public facilities in the Wesertor funding area. I am particularly pleased that important integration services are also supported by urban development funding can be."

The project preparations and current project support are carried out in cooperation between the youth and urban planning offices. Freestyle gGmbH is the client, and the architecture firm crep D has been commissioned with the implementation. The Freestyle team as the client brings a large part in as a personal contribution. The opening of the newly designed hall is planned for spring 2021.

After the realization, Freestyle gGmbH would like to expand its offer also in the colder months in autumn and winter. The aim is to provide adequate space for the social infrastructure in the Wesertor and to expand and improve the existing structures.