You can enter your Bitcoin address

What is a receiving address / Bitcoin address and where can I find it?

Whenever you place an order with us, we ask you for your receiving address. We will send your coins to this address, so it is important that you give us the correct address. You can compare a receiving address with your account number. If you want someone to send you money, give them your account number.

You can find the receiving address in the wallet that you created to manage your cryptocurrencies. Each coin has a special alphanumeric address and each wallet creates its own addresses. If you manage several coins in your wallet, each coin has its own address. We recommendCoinomito use as a wallet.

  • Bitcoin: A Bitcoin receiving address always begins with a 1 or a 3.
  • Ethereum: An Ether receive address always begins with 0X.
  • Litecoin: A Litecoin receiving address always begins with the letter L or M.
  • Ripple: A Ripple receiving address always begins with the letter R.
  • Bitcoin Cash: A Bitcoin Cash receiving address always starts with a 1 or a 3, similar to Bitcoin. In order to be able to differentiate between currencies more easily, there are also addresses that start with “bitcoincash:” or with the letters p or q.

Please note: When you enter your receiving address, you should always "copy and paste" it. Do not try to enter this manually. This will help you avoid typing errors.

You can find more information about wallets and their receiving addresses in our trading guide and knowledge base. If you should have any questions afterwards, you can also contact us.