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Logo design: You should keep these points in mind

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying already makes it clear how important this is Logo design for companies and the self-employed. If a good idea is implemented correctly, the logo design attracts attention, is remembered and is immediately associated with a name. However, that is exactly the crux of logo design: Anyone can create it themselves or have it created without any major difficulties - but this does not guarantee that it fits the company and gives the right impression. This should be positive, professional and sustainable. In order for this to work, there are a few things to consider when designing a logo ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Logo design: business card of a company

For the Identity of a company the naming is of great importance. This is the term with which all customers and business partners should associate the company in the future, the name that - in the best case - will achieve great awareness and will be on everyone's lips at some point. However, the logo design is not far behind in its meaning.

What effects a logo can have - even if these are often unconscious - often only becomes apparent when you take a closer look at it. The Logos of many well-known brands have been internalized so much that you can easily recall them. You know the color, the look, the writing. Just take the test and think of big brand names. The logo design appears almost automatically in front of the inner eye.

This is probably the greatest strength of a good logo design: It has an enormous recognition value. Large corporations and well-known companies have already achieved this. Everyone knows what their logos look like. Small and medium-sized companies try - to a lesser extent - to achieve a similar effect.

It is all the more important that the logo design is not taken lightly. Every logo is Business card and figurehead. It can impress, hit the nerve of the times and be meaningful - on the other hand, bad logos can raise more questions than they answer, or they can appear cheap, unprofessional or unthoughtful.

In the best case, a customer or business partner already associates the logo accordingly Quality features and properties of the product or service. One look at the logo design is enough to immediately know what you are dealing with. The logo alone makes a quality promise that your own expectations will be met. There is a long way to go up to this point, which begins with the design of the logo and has to be continued with positive experiences with the brand and the logo over a long period of time.

Answer these three basic questions

The possibilities for a logo design are basically almost infinite. The difficult task is to filter out exactly the one that suits you and your company from all these possibilities. First of all, the Expectation be clarified.

Of course, your goal should be to design a logo that is as well known as possible, but your primary goal should be to capture the name, identity and philosophy of the company in visual form. Whether you get creative yourself or have a logo design created, in the end the choice is yours.

In order to make the right decision here, you should first ask yourself three important questions and answer them honestly:

  1. What colors do you want to use?

    Each color has its own effect on the viewer. Which color or color combination you choose in your logo design has a big impact on how this is perceived by others. Think in advance which emotions and impressions the color should trigger.

    Also the color can change like a recurring pattern through the company pull and significantly shape the corporate identity. For example, if you already have a color concept - for example on the homepage - this should also be found in the logo. In this way you create a concrete connection between a color and your products, which is also saved by customers.

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  2. What is the competition like?

    It always makes sense to look at what the competition is doing. Logo design is no exception. This is also about how you can differentiate yourself from other competitors. There is little point in choosing a logo that is too similar to another or that evokes associations. Rather, with the selection you can already make it clear what distinguishes you from others.

    Take a look at what the competition and their logo design are - and then ask yourself how to bring out your strengths want. In this way you position yourself clearly on the market and present in the logo what you want to convince customers with.

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  3. What should the logo say about you?

    A logo shouldn't just look appealing, it should look too convey a meaningful message. Do you want to be perceived as modern, professional, cheerful or would you prefer to be seen as serious and objective? Only when you know what your logo design should say about you can you find a suitable design for you.

    The viewer of your logo should immediately know what he is dealing with and what he can expect. Of course, such an effect also comes with increasing awareness, but the logo design should already make it clear what your company is about.

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The most common mistakes made with the logo

With logo design you can do a lot right, but unfortunately also a lot wrong. So that you don't fall into the traps, we have listed the most common mistakes that are made when designing a logo:

  • The logo design is too complicated

    You want to make a statement in the logo design, incorporate information and get to the heart of the company - basically a good idea, but this can make your logo design too complicated. Anyone who tries to fit too much into a small graphic overloads it and creates the opposite effect: the viewer no longer understands what it is actually about.

  • The fonts are incorrectly chosen

    In addition to graphic elements, many logo designs also contain lettering with the name of the company. Great attention should be paid to choosing the right font, which can make the difference between a good and a bad logo design. Does the font convey the right impression? Is it easy to read? Does it suit the company? With Comic Sans you will hardly appear serious.

  • The individuality cannot be recognized

    It may be understandable to want to orientate yourself on large, well-known and really good logo designs. They obviously did a lot right, but if the individuality is lost, your logo design will not achieve any positive effects. The only response you will get is a Isn't that like in the logo design of ... - and nobody thinks of you when you think of your logo.

  • The possible uses were not considered

    When creating and choosing a logo design you should keep in mind where you want to use it. On your homepage, on official company paper, on the building facade - but maybe also on work clothes, on the products you manufacture or for other possibilities. Your logo design should allow all areas of application right from the start, so as not to have any problems later.

  • Communication with the designer fails

    In many cases, it makes sense to commission a corresponding logo designer to design and create your desired logo. This costs a little money, but is usually easy to finance and does not cause a mountain of debt. Unfortunately, a common mistake is then a lack of communication. What are your wishes and ideas? What ideas and suggestions does the designer bring in? It takes a good exchange to end up with a really good logo design.

You can find the right logo here

When you have made the decision and the time has come that you want to have a logo created, you still need someone to do just that for you. One way is to look like I said earlier to contact a designerTo discuss your ideas and have a logo design created in this way. This is about about that Alliance of German designers possible.

But there are also other ways, for example the Design marketplace 99Designs, DesignCrowd, CrowdSpring or many more. Here you can start a competition in which designers from all over the world can take part. You provide information and preferences and in return receive a wide variety of logo designs, which are sometimes more, sometimes less popular. In the end, a logo is awarded the contract and the designer receives the corresponding price, which was initially set.

This concept has also received criticism from some quarters, mainly due to the international competition and the low prices. At the prices offered, some German logo designers can barely cover their costs. However, especially for small companies and the self-employed, it is a good opportunity to get appealing logo designs for little money.

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