Is talent more important than hard work

Success in the job: It is not talent that is decisive, but these 15 factors

What are the most important success factors in the job? What do you think? It's not talent, we can already tell you that much. Talent alone is of no use to you if you don't have the following qualities. And vice versa, you can also start a great career as a completely talent-free “specimen” if you own or acquire those qualities. But what are they now, these mysterious "success factors in the job"?

15 factors for success at work - that don't require any talent

Certainly no one in the world is completely talent-free. Unfortunately, however, there are many talents in areas that seem completely irrelevant to professional life. Can you sing fabulous? Unless you're the next Beyoncé, it's hard to make enough money to pay your rent. Do you have a soft spot for fashion? Getting to the top as a designer seems almost impossible. The good news, however, is: Even if you think you have no talent at all - at least in terms of your job - you can still be successful in your career. Much more important than talent are hard work, the right attitude and personality. More precisely, the following 15 success factors, which thank God do not require any talent at all:

# 1: Discipline and hard work

Discipline is one of the famous German virtues and a main reason that our domestic workers around the world are hired with a kiss on the hand. Punctuality, diligence, care - What is taken for granted in this country leaves something to be desired in many other countries. In fact, your work ethic is far more important than your talent to your professional success. Anyone who is talented but lazy will soon be on the career ladder among the hardworking talentless, that's a fact. However, it is a fairy tale that you can achieve “anything” in life through hard work, as the soap opera on television or the pop song warbling from the radio all too often want us to believe. A little luck is always part of life. Nonetheless, through discipline and hard work, you are at least laying an important foundation for your professional success. And completely talentless.

# 2: communication, communication, communication

As is well known, contacts are the be-all and end-all in professional life. The more people you know, the more opportunities it can create. So communicate as much as possible with those around you. Make new friends, make strangers into acquaintances and always maintain a friendly, albeit professional relationship, even with unsympathetic colleagues or superiors.

# 3: professionalism

Professionalism is an important key to success in professional life. When you learn your (especially negative) Control feelingsYou recommend staying calm in conflict situations and dealing objectively even with people who make your blood run cold - and at the same time make life a little easier for yourself.

4: More appearance through self-confidence

If you exude a high level of professionalism, your colleagues, supervisors or business contacts immediately value your competence higher, without you actually having to be talented. In professional life, the motto “more appearance than reality” still applies in many places and you can build up or maintain this appearance through a healthy self-confidence. Of course, we don't mean that you are going to Foolish talker or narcissist with an exaggerated ego should become, but rather a self-confident person who not only knows his weaknesses, but also his strengths and knows how to use them for more success in his job. In the article "Strengthening self-confidence: tips & exercises for more self-confidence" we explain to you how you can achieve such a "healthy" self-confidence.

# 5: Critical ability and willingness to learn

Only through this healthy self-confidence will you be able to accept criticism and develop yourself personally and professionally. Practice self-criticism regularly, learn from your mistakes And don't just accept external criticism, but try to implement it. With a high willingness to learn, even a thirst for knowledge, you will remain successful in the long term and be able to adapt flexibly to changes. In today's fast-paced world under the influence of digitization and globalization, this is probably one of the most important properties. If you rest, you rust!

# 6: Flexibility instead of blinkers

The keyword has just come up: flexibility. The more flexibly you can adapt to the circumstances at work, the more opportunities you have. There are hardly any industrial officials of yore, and those who persist in old patterns for too long will be quickly replaced by a younger "more flexible copy". It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing, but it is common practice in numerous SMEs and large corporations. So practice flexibility, both in your work areas, with regard to further education and training as well as with regard to your personal goals. Sometimes you have to take detours to be successful so that you don't get stuck in a dead end. So take off your blinders and stay open to the wonderful surprises in life.

# 7: identify and seize opportunities

Now that you've said goodbye to your tunnel vision, you can finally see the opportunities opening up to the right and left of your path. Many people on their deathbed say that what they regret most in their lives are all the missed opportunities. No matter how talented or hardworking you are, you will never succeed if you fail to recognize opportunities and have the courage to take them. Every opportunity comes with a risk. However, if you always run away from the risk and prefer to make yourself comfortable in the status quo, you will still be sitting here in many years - dusty and full of cobwebs.

# 8: patience is a virtue

We come to another virtue: until the opportunities just mentioned occur, you will need a little patience. Develop basic composure with the confidence that your chance for professional success will one day come. One such positive attitude and a relaxed approach bring numerous advantages, as you can read in the article "Just relax: 5 tips for more serenity at work".

# 9: Always be one step ahead of the competition

However, being patient doesn't mean you should sit back and twiddle your thumbs. Instead, use the time to always do a little more than everyone else and thus always be one step ahead of the competition. It is not necessary to extend your elbows for this. On the contrary: get your teammates involved and motivate you so not only yourself, but also your environment to top performance.

# 10: Turn your calling into your job

“Taking your teammates with you” - isn't that much easier said than done? Not necessarily! If you have a deep passion for your work, see a purpose in it and enjoy what you do, you radiate it too. It is well known that those who love what they do are automatically good at it.

Finding your calling and making it your profession is certainly not an easy task in life, but one of the most important. That's why we give you a little help with the article “When I grow up: How to find the job of your dreams”.

# 11: Practice mindfulness

You can not only find your fulfillment in the outside, you also have to keep looking inward. Only through mindfulness and a conscious use of your resources can you stay healthy, happy and above all productive in the long term. Otherwise you will arrive at the top of the corporate ladder completely burned out and will no longer have the strength to stay up there. Therefore, take care of your health. It is not everything in life, but without health everything is nothing.

# 12: "Attitude is everything"

"Attitude" is sixth on Bill Gross' "10 things that require zero talent" list on Twitter.

10 things that require no talent or luck, via Fouad ElNaggar. Actually, I'd consider one showing these AS talented!

- Bill Gross (@Bill_Gross) May 2, 2016

“Attitude” is one of those words that is difficult to translate into German: attitude, disposition, attitude - somehow each of these empty phrases seems incomplete. So let's stay with the English term or just call it your "energy". A positive energy is supposed to attract positive things and people, for example professional success. Is it all just esoteric chi-chi? Try it yourself!

# 13: Body language is more important than words

There is a saying that “actions speak louder than words”. Today we say: body language is worth a thousand words. It is understood unconsciously, worldwide and also across language barriers, where the language has long since reached its limits. Those who describe themselves as self-confident in the interview, but sit with drooping shoulders in front of the HR manager, have little chance of getting the job. Consciously or unconsciously: All people scan your body language and react to it abruptly. If you learn to master these as well as the so-called “power poses”, you can make up for any lack of talent tenfold.

# 14: Practice makes perfect

Speaking of a lack of talent: If your missing hard skills come to light here and there and cause problems, you simply mustn't lose your nerve. Never underestimate your brain's ability to learn. If you only practice long enough, you can learn (almost) anything. They just take a little longer than the more talented competition. But you can eradicate this from success factor # 1 through your discipline. The motto is: practice, practice, practice ...

# 15: Always keep an eye on the clock

If you are now expecting a crowning and surprising end with an aha effect, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you. The final success factor is as simple as it is incredibly important. Punctuality is one of the most valued qualities in professional life. If you show up on time, you make the other person feel like you value his time as much as your own. This expresses a high level of professionalism and humility. On the other hand, as a perpetual “latecomer” you will not get very far in your professional life, and in the worst case you will even jeopardize your job. So from now on you always have the clock in view. You really don't need any special talent for that!

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