Are you a misanthrope

Living in the wrong

“But what does it actually mean to be alone? You can live with a guy or a woman or even with kids and still you are all alone. Yes, I am alone and so is she. You are born alone, you live alone, you die alone. Alone, always alone, even when you are fucking you are alone, alone with your flesh. Alone on the way through a tunnel. A path that you cannot share with anyone and the older you get, the more alone you are. With a few memories of a life that is gradually destroying itself. "

“Love, friendship, all nonsense. These are illusions that one tries to maintain in order not to have to admit that all interpersonal relationships are pure business. We speak of friendship and love, but out of calculation. It suits us. Reality can be bought. "

“Either you are born with a tail, then behave like a good hard tail and plug holes. Or you are born with a hole, then you are only useful if you let yourself be stuffed. But no matter how, you are always alone. "

“You love your mother because she feeds you and prevents you from dying. You love your boyfriend because he gives you work and prevents you from dying. And you love your fat girl because she cooks for you, fucks you and brings you children who are supposed to protect you when you are old and are afraid of dying. But it is enough to slap your child once to get revenge when you are old. Actually, this slap in the face suits him. Then, when it puts you in the home, it will serve as an excuse to hide the natural disinterest everyone feels towards their parent. No, I'm not going to love this baby they're trying to put on me - and I'm sure it's mutual. "

“No, birding is bad business. It is too expensive. But it's a pastime. And when you don't feel like fucking anymore, then you realize that you haven't lost anything in this life and that there was never anything else in this shitty life. Nothing but this reproduction program that is stored in our bowels. "

“In the end, death isn't a big deal. You make a huge shit out of it, but when you see it up close, it's nothing. Just a body with no life. With humans it is like with animals. You love them, you bury them and then it's over. "

“Life is like a tunnel. Everyone has their little tunnel, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing left. Life is a great emptiness. It always was and always will be. A great emptiness that could just as easily pass without me. I don't feel like playing this game anymore. I do not want to any more. I want to live something of my own, intense. I don't want to be any interchangeable screw in this machine anymore. When I die, I don't want to feel like I've been living the same nonsense as the millions of idiots who populate this planet. It's just a shitty feeling that even the last asshole lived the same as me. I do not know. I have to find some argument, an excuse, something to make me want to hold out for another 20 years until my death. Well, if I could start all over again, maybe I should make porn movies. The people who do that really understand us humans. "

“Damn it, not having any money is hard, but then when you don't have one to count on! You can tell them that you are a father of a family, that you had your own shop and that you were always correct, all that doesn't give a shit to the wanker from the hotel, your so-called friends or the landlord from the pub on the corner. If you have no money, they'll kick you out the door, and they'll do it in the most humiliating way. Instead of helping someone in the shit, they'd rather lick the asshole of a rich fat man in the hope of a small tip. They all have their mouths full of shit! I'd rather be poor but decent. "

“Do you know what that is, morality? I'll tell you what morality is. Morality is for those who lease it. These are the rich. Who are the ones who always get right? So are the rich and the poor go away empty-handed. "

“Tie asses. If you can't pay for the air, they gas you. "

“The rich almost never go to jail, at most once every 10 years. The prison is for the poor. The rich have the law on their side. When you're poor, you have no right to steal, just to be robbed and fucked up. Yes, no problem. And asses like that steal our money, our happiness and our dignity, every day, legally. Protected by the laws that their ancestors introduced. Guys like Robbespierre would be good for France today. Not the wimpy guys who pretend to rule us, but that has been the case in this country for centuries. Today people are too lax for a revolution. The only thing that matters is personal vengeance. Like mine. And that would be useful for everyone. "

“People think they are free, but there is no freedom. There are only laws that unknowns have created for their good. "

“The bad often wins out. It's like with Jesus. He was nice. They crucified him. And then the lascivious priests seized his symbol. They want evil to rule this planet. "

“You think you're in a civilized world, but really you're in the jungle. If you want to survive there, you'd better be one of the stronger animals. If you are one of the others, you are a bit of a game and you can run all your life to save your ass. The whole thing is a lottery game. Either you are born poor, accept the power of others and march in lockstep, but because you are constantly humiliated, you sometimes become violent. Or you might be born rich, take care of your cash, and pretend you love your wife, children, and friends just as they pretend to love you. But on the day when your little bourgeois dreams vanish into thin air and you can no longer give anything to your brothers, your so-called friends, they all come together to stand up for you. It goes without a hitch by pretending to be helping you. They are just waiting to feel better. The greater your misery, the more you ask them for help, the more superior they feel and kick! «(All quotes from the film» Seul contre tous «by Gaspar Noé)