How fast do you get Canadian PR

Step 5 | How to apply for a work permit with International Experience Canada

In order to apply for a work permit, you must first have received an invitation from the IEC program.

After you have received and accepted the invitation, the following steps are necessary in order to complete your application for a work permit:

  1. Fill out the online form ("Online Form")
  2. Complete the application with all the necessary documents and documents
  3. Pay the appropriate fees
  4. Submit your application

Here By the way, you will find all other information pages on visa issuing.

The online form for the application

Once you've accepted your invitation, you have 20 daysto complete and send your application. The exact deadline will be shown to you in a message in your account.

Your answers must complete and truthful be. If incorrect information is provided or important details are omitted, your application will not be successful. It also allows future entry to Canada refused become.

As soon as you have completed the application, you will be shown an automatically generated list of necessary documents that must be part of your application (“personalized document checklist”).

Frequently asked questions and problems when filling out the online form

To make sure that you haven't forgotten any mistakes in your online form or any necessary data, you should end each form check your entry. This is very easy by clicking on "Validate".

Try a different browser or clear your browser's cache if there are problems with the online application.

If you are for that Working Holiday program some information about a job in Canada in the online form is not necessary. You then simply enter “A9999999” in the “Offer of Employment Number Field”. When asked “Has your employer paid the employer compliance fee?” Click “No”. When asked for the address of your employer (“Employer Address”) you answer “Non-applicable - Working Holiday”.

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