What is your definition of primary care

What does the term universal service mean?

In connection with the general energy supply (especially electricity and gas), the term of is often used primary care. This is even regulated by law in Germany. So that every household can be supplied with electricity or gas regardless of its location, there must be a local energy company that acts as the basic supplier. As a rule, it is the energy supplier who supplies most customers in the public supply network with electricity and / or gas.

This is regulated in Section 36, Paragraph 1, Clause 1 of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). The aim is to get all households electricity and / or gas at a reasonable price, even if they are decentralized and for purely economic reasons the supply would not be worthwhile for the energy company or the state.

The basic supply not only plays a very important role in the energy sector. This includes basic medical care and basic broadcasting services. In addition, it is discussed whether broadband access is also part of the basic service.


primary care

Where does electricity come from?

Most households do not have their own energy supply. That is why there are local energy providers who usually offer electricity, gas and district heating. In Germany, electricity is generated in power plants (hard coal, lignite, gas, nuclear, water) or through wind turbines, PV systems ...

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How is the basic service regulated by law in Germany?

Basic care is regulated by law in Germany. The central law is the Energy Industry Act, which came into force for the first time in 1935 and has been decisively changed several times since then. Numerous ordinances on ...

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How do I know who my basic provider is?

The number of different electricity suppliers is very large. There are now several providers in numerous municipalities who can supply their customers with electricity. The basic supplier is always the company that supplies most of the local customers with electricity in the public ...

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How do I find my basic provider?

As a rule, the search for the basic provider on site is very easy. Finally, the basic supplier on site must make all information about the general and supplementary conditions public. You can also easily find your basic supplier on StromAuskunft.de, namely ...

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What are the general terms and conditions of the universal provider?

The on-site basic supplier has various obligations that he must adhere to towards his customers. The universal service must therefore take place under certain general conditions. This is recorded in the so-called basic supply contract. Accordingly, there must be provisions on the scope or the ...

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What are additional conditions in the basic service?

The basic supplier on site is obliged to make the general conditions publicly available. In addition to the general conditions, there are additional conditions. In general, the general terms and conditions contain the general guidelines. This includes scope and type ...

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Where can I get the general and additional conditions?

Every basic supplier is obliged to make the general and supplementary conditions public. This is regulated by law for the power supply in §2 Strom GVV and for gas in §2GasGVV. The basic supply contract must appear in text form and passed on to the customers ...

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What can I do if my basic provider changes the terms and prices?

Electricity and / or gas prices can change. Of course, this also applies to other areas of the general and supplementary conditions. In Germany, changes and their effectiveness are regulated by Section 5 (2) of the Electricity GVV. Section 5 (2) gas applies to gas as an energy source ...

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What is the concept of replacement care?

In the area of ​​basic services there are numerous terms that at first glance you cannot see exactly what is actually behind them. This includes, among other things, the term replacement supply. This term exists for both electricity and gas supply. Goal of ...

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Who is responsible for the replacement supply?

In general, the basic supplier who is responsible for the replacement supply in the network area is the first point of contact. Thanks to the internet, you can find out quickly and easily who the basic provider is. Where can I find the person who is responsible for replacement care? On StromAuskunft.de ...

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What is a delivery contract outside of the basic supply?

Electricity customers who are not in the basic or replacement supply have a so-called "supply contract outside the basic supply". In the past - before the new Energy Industry Act (EnWG) came into force - such electricity contracts were referred to as special contracts. The legal regulation ...

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Can the universal provider cancel the universal service?

In general, the basic supply in Germany is regulated in such a way that every household has to be supplied with electricity and / or gas. However, in certain cases and situations the basic provider also has the right to end the supply. This includes, among other things, if the end customer does not ...

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How is electricity generated?

Marie Ampère was the first to discover the connection between electricity and magnetism. In purely physical terms, no energy is generated when generating electricity, but electricity is created by converting one form of energy into another, usually by a generator. The first generator was built in ...

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What is electricity

Electric current is understood as the movement of electric charge carriers, the so-called electrons. Current describes the movement of electrical charge carriers and is measured in the physical unit amperes. Used for quantitative information on electrical current ...

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How is electricity created?

Electric current is the movement of electrical charge carriers, the so-called electrons, in a conductor. Electricity is created or is generated using a wide variety of methods. In this process, electrical charges are separated from one another in a purely physical manner. This requires energy. To do that ...

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How does the electricity get into the house?

The largest share of electricity is still produced in large power plants (coal, nuclear energy, gas) and is transmitted from there to consumers via power grids. After electricity has been generated in the power plants, it is fed into the power line system. For remote transmission of ...

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Who invented electricity?

Nobody invented electricity, because electricity is a natural phenomenon. Electricity is and has always been present in nature, e.g. in lightning. However, there are scientists who have dealt very intensively with the topic of electricity and made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of electricity ...

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What is a network operator?

Network operators are responsible for the proper operation of a local, regional or supra-regional electricity or gas network. They guarantee the connection of the consumption points to the network, the maintenance of the lines, the safe operation and the network stability. Separation: ...

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Who is my network operator?

You can find the network operator responsible for your region on your last annual invoice and on the identification of your electricity or gas meter. Sometimes a 13-digit code is noted instead of the name, which is assigned by the umbrella associations of the energy sector. In this case ...

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