Why do people wear scarves?

Winter trend: why do people wrap themselves in these giant scarves?

While strolling through Berlin without a shawl, even though it is an unusually warm autumn day, the uncomfortable feeling of pomeranian nudity arises, scarves everywhere, outside, inside, on men and women, everyone wears one. In other large cities, too, the density is increasing. No question about it, the scarf has become the most popular urban fashion accessory. Why questions arise: How can a cloth be so important? What does he stand for? And above all: why is it getting bigger and bigger?

The scarf here does not mean the folded cloth or the red scarf of the intellectual, not even the Alexander McQueen skull model, but any random, sausage carelessly or deliberately awkwardly frill-like model that is wrapped around the neck several times, up to the chin reaches up, hides the lower part of the ears, hikes up half the back of the head. They are real blankets that are hanging for sale in stores like Zara and H&M this winter season and that are then hung on the back of the chair like a sleeping bag in restaurants or caf├ęs if someone takes them off at all.

The trend fits seamlessly into the general upholstery of the present: cuddly blankets have long been laid out in cafes, in pedicure salons huge pillows pile up, in which you sway back and forth like on a ship. The idea is obvious: the city dweller