How good is the New Zealand military

New Zealand's army declares climate change an enemy and wants to hit China

Wellington - The New Zealand military has made climate change one of its main opponents. The consequences of the global rise in temperature could give the armed forces additional missions and tie up their capacities for traditional tasks, it warned on Thursday.

The reason for this is the predicted humanitarian disasters in connection with climate change on neighboring Pacific islands, in which the New Zealand army must come to the rescue.

Additional bets

The increasing impact of global climate change could confront New Zealand with "competing operational commitments," the armed forces report said. This could put a heavy strain on the army's resources and "reduce readiness for other requirements". New Zealand had already helped island states like Vanuatu and Fiji in the past after devastating storms.

According to the report, climate change is exacerbating existing problems in the Pacific region. Floods and water shortages, disputes over land and migratory movements would intensify. Combined with social challenges, climate change could lead to violent conflicts, especially in areas with weak governments and corruption.

Also strategy against China

Aid for distressed Pacific states is a way of increasing New Zealand's reputation, the report said at the same time. This could also limit the influence of other countries. This should mean China in particular, which recently expanded its influence in the Pacific region.

New Zealand's Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw, referred to a changed role for the military. In the future, the soldiers would be deployed more and more frequently in the wake of extreme weather conditions. (APA, December 6, 2018)