How can I identify vintage jewelry

Grandma's precious inheritance or just junk? How to recognize valuable jewelry

Antique jewelry

We have been fascinated by jewelry and precious metals since the beginning of time. That is why goldsmiths belong to one of the oldest and most respected professional groups. Antique jewelry is full of history and elaborate manual workwhat sets it apart from modern mass-produced goods. If you want to buy a valuable piece of jewelry, you can come across an individual piece, which is a true investment could act.

Of course, it is not always easy to distinguish valuable antique jewelry from cheap junk. For one, cheaper costume jewelry can also be made with simple means trimmed to "old" and on the other hand, real antique jewelery only looks beautiful and classy with appropriate care.

Features of antique jewelry

Vintage fashion is timeless and doesn't go out of style anytime soon. This is precisely why the market for "old-fashioned" jewelry has grown extremely. Hence, you should consider buying antique jewelry increased caution to ensure that you get what you want for your money. Antique pieces of jewelry are characterized by the fact that they

  1. at least over a hundred years old are,
  2. were made in high quality handcraft and thus
  3. no piece of jewelry is exactly like the other.

Anyone who pays a certain price for antique jewelry can therefore enjoy the fact that he is a One of a kind wears on the finger or around the neck. If a seller offers the piece of jewelry in multiple quantities on, your doubts as to whether it is really antique jewelry or rather an old-fashioned mass product are probably justified.

History leaves traces of usage

Note: Antique jewelery has already had an exciting "life" - so it is always about Second hand jewelry. This means that traces of use bear witness to this past and simply belong there. If you are offered an antique piece of jewelry that appears brand new, you should be puzzled and find out about its origin.

Regardless of whether you want to wear it yourself or purchase it as an investment, if you value authenticity, you should take the time to buy antique jewelry and, if necessary, do sufficient research beforehand.


A characteristic of real antique jewelry is that it 100% handmade is. Handmade jewelry carries a special one "Handwriting" from the manufacturer and has its very own flair. Factory-made jewelry, on the other hand, often just looks cheap. You can recognize fine antique jewelry by its fine and conscientious workmanship. Only high quality materials were used and you can see this in the jewelry.

Fine metal, valuable gemstones - these are the components of antique jewelry.

Fineness mark

Another indication of real jewelry is the hallmark. For gold, silver and other materials are clear hallmark set. If these are missing, it is not real jewelry. There are also so-called "Hallmarks" and manufacturer's stamps that attest to the authenticity of antique jewelry.

Contact a jewelry dealer if there is anything uniquely

Antique jewelery is not the same as antique jewelery. The ancient world extends over due to its long period of time several eras, to which their jewelry is also assigned. These include, for example:

  • Jewelry from the Biedermeier period or
  • Art Deco jewelry.

For this reason, in order to recognize and differentiate between antique pieces of jewelery as such, you first have to deal with the respective epochs and their production methods and materials.

If you are unsure about a piece of jewelry, it is best to go to a professional, because a layman will never be able to say one hundred percent whether a piece of jewelry is real or not. A person skilled in the art, however, has certain deviceswith which he can usually prove very quickly whether it is junk or valuable antique jewelry.

Jewelry dealers also recognize rare ones Hallmarks and manufacturer's stamp usually very quickly. So you can be sure that your piece of jewelry is real antique jewelry.