How can I invert a video image

Smartphone: shoot videos retrospectively - that's how it works


A video can be recorded quickly with the smartphone. However, sometimes it happens that the self-made film is upside down. In these instructions, we will show you how you can rotate your videos after recording and bring the image back into the correct position.

Rotate videos in the media player

It happens again and again in the heat of the moment: You record a video clip with your smartphone on the go and transfer it to your computer. However, the characters are shown there on their heads. Often there are also alignment issues. As a result, the video recorded in landscape mode suddenly appears in portrait format. Several factors may be the cause of this effect. For example, the gyro sensor may not correctly recognize the position of the smartphone. However, the wrongly recorded video is not useless, as you can rotate your film without any problems. You don't have to familiarize yourself with professional video editing programs first. We'll show you which tools can do this.

Rotate videos in the media player

Unfortunately, videos cannot be rotated with the pre-installed Windows Media Player. However, Microsoft supplies the Windows Movie Maker video software, which is also free of charge, with Windows. How to use it to flip or rotate your videos, we show you in the following picture gallery. If Windows Movie Maker is not yet installed on your PC, you can download the software here for free.

Rotate videos with Windows Movie Maker

In this picture gallery we will show you how to use Windows Movie Maker to rotate a video you have recorded yourself into the correct position.

    With Windows Movie Maker you realign the video image of your film and save it. This means that you no longer have to rotate the picture before playback.

    With the "VLC media player", which you can download here on netzwelt, you can rotate your films without additional software for video editing. However, the effect cannot be saved, so you have to rotate the video image over and over again before playing it back. In this guide we will show you how to rotate your films before playing them with the VLC media player.

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