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Potato Knowledge - Are Potatoes Healthy?

In our new 4-part series "Potato Knowledge" we take a closer look at the valuable raw material in our potato dumplings. The potato is one of the staple foods of the Germans. On average, every German eats almost 61 kilograms of potatoes a year (BMEL statistics). Find out here what's in the versatile tuber and whether potatoes are healthy.

Are Potatoes Healthy? It's in the tuber

The potato consists of around 80% water and is a very low-fat and low-calorie food. With only around 70 kilocalories per 100 g of potatoes, it has significantly fewer calories than pasta or rice. In addition to water, potatoes contain many valuable ingredients such as carbohydrates in the form of starch, protein, vitamins and minerals. The starch it contains can be used by humans through cooking and provides energy in the form of glucose. The protein content of the potatoes is relatively low at only about 2%, but this is a particularly high-quality protein, because the protein from the potatoes can be easily converted into the body's own protein. With a total of 11 different vitamins, the potato is an important supplier of vitamins for our body. It contains a particularly large number of B vitamins and vitamin C. Its vitamin C content is comparable to that of an apple. Of the 15 minerals it contains, the high potassium content deserves special mention. This is important for blood pressure regulation and the proper functioning of our muscles and organs. In addition, potassium is involved in cell growth, which is why a balanced diet with potassium is particularly important for children. About 30 percent of the daily potassium and vitamin C requirement can be covered with 200 g of potatoes. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the potato has important dietary fibers that contribute to long-lasting satiety. Potatoes are also gluten-free and can therefore be eaten without hesitation by people with celiac disease (food intolerance to gluten, the sticky protein found in many cereals).

Are Potatoes Healthy? It all depends on the preparation and storage

Some of the valuable vitamins and minerals in potatoes are inevitably lost during cooking. Many of the ingredients are located directly under or in the shell, so the shell of the tuber should always be used when preparing it. In order to keep the loss of healthy and valuable ingredients as low as possible, potatoes should be unpeeled and boiled or steamed whole with little water. Therefore, always peel the potatoes only after they have been cooked.
Certain conditions should also be observed when storing potatoes. The potato likes it dark because light destroys the vitamin C it contains and leads to the formation of solanine. This substance is slightly toxic and can cause drowsiness and nausea. Solanine is also not destroyed by cooking, which is why potatoes with large sprouts and greenish spots should be thrown away. Basically, potatoes should be stored in the dark and at 5 to 10 ° C, which is why the cellar or pantry are particularly good storage locations.

Are Potatoes Healthy? Versatile and regional tuber

Potatoes cannot only be eaten as jacket or fried potatoes. The tuber is the basis of numerous other popular dishes such as mashed potatoes, potato soup or, of course, dumplings.

The basis of the Burgis potato dumplings are exclusively potatoes of the highest quality. We pay particular attention to the targeted selection of regional raw materials. All potatoes used carry the “Tested Quality - Bavaria” seal, which guarantees consumers that the potatoes are exclusively produced and processed in Bavaria. Decades of close cooperation with over 70 partner farmers ensures that the dumpling specialties are of consistently high quality.

We have put together our four favorite potato dumpling recipes for you:

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