How expensive is Pattaya

Costs in Thailand: what does a stay really cost?

Thailand is a very popular holiday destination. From cheap and simple to expensive and luxurious, breathtaking vacations can be designed here. Only your requirements and budget depend on this. You can find out how high the costs in Thailand actually are below:

Overnight & sleep

Apart from the arrival by plane, it is usually the accommodation that has a significant impact on the holiday budget. In Thailand there are now hotels for every budget. The costs for this are completely different depending on the requirements.

Thailand is known as a cheap holiday destination, but the fact is that everything here has its price and costs money. You won't find a 4 star luxury hotel for 40 euros per night here either. You would definitely like anything but to find out on site during your well-deserved vacation that the hotel, no matter how beautiful, looked nice on the Internet and was very cheap, but by far does not meet your requirements. !! Please note: Even in Thailand, “good” has its price !! Of course, you can also find cheap rooms in Thailand for only 5-10 euros. These are then more intended for backpackers than for you as a vacationer.

Good to know: In the Thai high season, the room prices are usually very high and the most popular resorts are quickly booked out. Booking early saves you the hassle of searching and checking for availability.

Arrival & flights:

Since we do not broker flights, we would like to offer our recommendation for flights at this point. Flights often make up around 40-60% of the total travel price, so you should take a few key data into account.

The cheapest flights you receive from Departure airport Frankfurt or Munich. Depending on the airline and online portal, you can conveniently order a Rail & Fly ticket so that there are no extra costs for the journey to the airport. In addition, parking spaces at airports are now really expensive.

There are good direct flights to Thailand from around 700-800 euros per person for a return trip. Our recommendation is Thai Airways or Emirates. In your own interest, please refrain from low-cost airlines with bad airlines and multiple stop-overs (stopovers). These are not recommended as your vacation usually begins with stress and dissatisfaction.

Eating, drinking and a real culinary delight

The Thai cuisine is very well known worldwide and very tasty. As a tip: Eat where the Thai people do. Then on the one hand you get to know the local specialties and on the other hand you save your wallet. Of course, this is usually not in the restaurant where you will mostly meet tourists and find the upper price range.

There are small cookshops on every corner where you can get delicious meals for 1 to 2 euros. Popular dishes are e.g. Phat Thai and fried noodles as well as fried rice in combination with chicken. Noodle soups are also very popular with Thais. Depending on the destination where you are, local simple dishes in simple restaurants cost between 60 and 180 baht, which is around 1.50 to 5 euros. In the typical tourist restaurants, dinner costs between 10 and 20 euros. Depending on what your preferences are, you can eat from cheap to expensive in Thailand.

There are also big differences when it comes to drinks. In restaurants on small Thai islands, for example, a large Chang beer costs up to 180 baht, whereas in very tourist places the same beer is available for 60 baht.

Organized tours cost

There are now many offers on the Internet, from 2-day to 3-week travel modules. It is important to know that you should primarily pay attention to the performance. Are entrance fees, guides and hotels already included in the tour price? Or will you incur additional costs?

Therefore, please always pay attention to:

  • included services
  • Hotel and room category
  • Included entrance fees
  • Travel guide (English or German) - if necessary and desired
  • Duration and sights
  • Group or private trip

You should pay particular attention to the hotels and hotel categories. Very cheap rooms are often offered here in order to lower the travel price. Often you will be surprised when you see the bad rooms on site.

Self-organized excursions

When it comes to things to do, there are no limits. You can organize and plan smaller trips yourself. These include, for example, diving trips and day trips to popular sights in the vicinity. For tours lasting several days, we recommend planning and organizing them in advance. Because with the planning and organization you can easily waste an important vacation day on site. We have been traveling in Thailand for many years and know most of the sights and attractions. We would be happy to advise you on good and worthwhile tours which you can organize yourself on site.

Medical care on site

In principle, the medical standard can be compared with Germany. Especially in Bangkok the medical standard is at the German level. But you will find small pharmacies and doctors everywhere in almost all of Thailand to be able to clarify 90% of all medical matters. Please keep in mindthat in the event of treatment by a doctor you have to pay the costs in advance. However, you can have the costs reimbursed by your international health insurance. If you are interested in the topic, here is a detailed guide to the topic: important vaccinations for Thailand.

currency rate

We would like a very special look at the Euros and baht Set up the exchange rate. While earlier the average exchange rate was 1 euro for 42 to 43 baht. This is currently around 1 euro for 36 to 38 baht. This of course has a direct effect on your cost of living on site and of course also on your travel price by up to 10-20% without additional service. The reason for this is not the weak baht (Thai currency) but the sharply falling euro exchange rate. In order to keep bank charges in Thailand when withdrawing cash from ATMs as low as possible, the free giro card from DKB has proven to be very good, which we recommend and always use ourselves.

Final conclusion:

Yes, Thailand is cheap. But quality also has its price in Thailand. As a tourist, you always get what you pay for. Unfortunately, there are still some utopian asking prices to this day.