What is the oldest sisterhood

The Red Cross and Us

Towards the middle of the last century, nursing was mainly carried out by sisters of religious orders. Since their number was often insufficient, wage guards took over the care, but due to their inadequate training they were not always able to carry out the care properly.

Grand Duchess Luise von Baden founded the first women's association in Karlsruhe in 1859 that wanted to counter this dilemma. In the period that followed, such women's associations were founded. The sororities later emerged from these women's associations. They maintained mother houses, which were run by a superior and gave the sisters social security. A DRK sorority is a community of members who are committed to the principles and goals of the Red Cross. They mainly work as nurses, pediatric nurses, midwives, geriatric nurses, geriatric care and nursing assistants.

A sisterhood can maintain its own facilities such as hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, social stations and state-approved schools for nursing professions. In addition, it can take on all tasks that enable it and its members to work continuously and effectively in the interests of promoting public health care. They are also used in national and international disasters and - via the International Red Cross - in crisis areas.

Alice-Sisterhood Mainz from the DRK e.V.
Superior: Kirsten Rasmussen-Radszuweit

One of the oldest sisterhoods in the area of ​​today's Federal Republic of Germany is the Alice Sisterhood of Mainz from the DRK. In 1867, Grand Duchess Alice of Hesse and near Rhine founded a women's association at the Alice Hospital in Darmstadt.

Mainz had belonged to the Grand Duchy of Hesse since 1816 and so the decision was made to set up an Alice women's association in 1870 analogous to Darmstadt. Inspired by role models such as Grand Duchess Luise von Baden and Florence Nightingale, the association concentrated on training nurses in order to meet the requirements of nursing the sick and the wounded. A few months after its founding, the Alice Sisterhood of Mainz from the Red Cross emerged from the Alice Women's Association. In their sponsorship was the former Alice Hospital in Mainz (today: DRK Pain Center Mainz).

Today the Alice Sisterhood Mainz from the DRK e.V. has 340 members. The Alice sisters are deployed through provision contracts: in the DRK pain center in Mainz, in the DRK hospitals in Altenkirchen, Hachenburg, Neuwied and Kirchen, in the DRK day clinic in Worms, in the nursing home of the sisterhood in Mainz-Gonsenheim, in the Johannes Gutenberg University Clinic in Mainz as well as in many social stations. According to the original idea of ​​"training nurses", the sisterhood is the training provider of the DRK training center in Hachenburg. In addition, it promotes the advanced training of its members. Even after their active working life, the nurses remain members of the sorority.
DRK Alice Sisterhood in Mainz

DRK Sisterhood Rheinpfalz-Saar e.V.
Superior: Heike Diana Wagner

Today's Sisterhood Rheinpfalz-Saar e.V. was created in 1987 as a merger of the two Sisters of the Rhine Palatinate and the Sisterhood of Saarbrücken. The sisterhood tradition was founded in 1872, when the Palatinate was still part of Bavaria.

Today the Rheinpfalz-Saar Sisterhood has 750 members. Its headquarters are in Neustadt / Weinstrasse. Her sisters are deployed or trained there, among others, in the DRK Hospital Alzey, in the Saarlouis Hospital of the DRK, in the Red Cross Clinic Saarbrücken and in the West Palatinate Klinikum Kaiserslautern.