What do Persians think of Mongols

Behavior and Taming

Persian gerbils are very curious, which means that they quickly come into contact with new things and become tame relatively quickly. However, if they are insecure or fearful, they hide in a flash. Persian gerbils can become very tame with sufficient activity, but they are not cuddly toys for small children and can rarely keep still. You should therefore offer the animals regular exercise in suitable rooms in which there are no furniture hiding spots and sources of accidents are eliminated. The animals cannot tolerate drafts, moisture and stress and should be protected from them.

Persis can be tamed by hand-feeding her treats. Soon they become more and more courageous and climb up on clothing. It should be avoided to catch the animals by hand as long as they are not yet tame, as otherwise hands could see them as hunting prey. As long as the Persian gerbils are not yet tame, you can use approx. 20 cm long cardboard tubes to catch them.

The Persian gerbil has many favorite pastimes, digging, digging and digging again, climbing and jumping, building passages, gnawing, hiding. A nice gesture between them is "nasalizing", which means they greet each other when they meet with their noses and nudge each other. They love variety, new ideas and fun to play. With species-appropriate husbandry, activity and regular exercise, the animals will thank you with a lot of fun and action.