Is jade jewelry good for your health?

Jade - jewelry, precious stone and healing stone

The name alone invites you to dream. A mixture of minerals mainly originated from jadeite and the co-mineral nephrite - a jewelery and healing stone. This is jade! Derived from the Spanish "piedra de tjada" (roughly translated: loin stone or kidney stone), the jade gemstone was particularly popular in China. If we speak of the "jade stones" that are widespread in China, we have to recognize some differences, because these are noble serpentines, also called "YU", which are understood in China as actual "original jade" (real jade). The so-called "Stone of the Gods or Heavenly Stone" ((old) Chinese name) has been revered as a jewelery and especially as a healing stone for thousands of years and has achieved cult status over the years.

In western countries, unlike in China, it is precisely the noble serpentine that is excluded from the group of minerals. Nevertheless, both in China and in the West, one speaks of jade and in certain senses means the "same" gemstone - the gemstone to which a great deal of importance and healing properties was and is still assigned.

Jade - meaning in China and Central America

Already at the beginning of the Stone Age, the healing stone and precious stone jade cast a spell over people. Shrouded in legends, full of mysticism and enchanting beauty, a stone full of magic and power. The jade gemstone was discovered around 3,000 BC. BC just raised to a royal showpiece in China. It was used to make valuable jewelry, but also weapons and cult figures of inestimable value. He, the jade stone, stood for rum and above all for the beautiful and precious. In China, as well as in Central America, people also saw jade as a kind of savior. According to tradition, the jade healing stone is said to alleviate kidney problems, which made it an invaluable healing stone, to which other health-promoting aspects were later assigned. In any case, this symbolic stone was indispensable for Chinese and Central American natural medicine.

In addition to its natural medicine importance, jade also gained esoteric power.

It is considered the stone of love and friendship, inner peace, balance and harmony. He was chosen as the protective stone for the good. At times its value even exceeded the value of pure gold. Jade brought luck or a lucky turn to its wearer, which led to the fact that the jade gemstone was gladly passed on to later generations as a symbol of strength and confidence.

Jade Jewelry - Jade Pendant, Jade Necklace, Jade Gemstone

Imperial jade or imperial jade is considered to be the most expensive and valuable type of jade. If you want to buy this jade gemstone, you usually have to dig deep into your pocket. For example, the price in Hong Kong is around $ 5,000 or $ 8,000 per carat. Buying such a jade healing stone means knowing its excellent properties. The jade gemstone price also depends on its quality. It is precisely because it is traded so highly that it is not entirely safe from imitations (for example the jade-like "serpentine"). What makes Kaiser jade so special is its color. A real emperor jade shines in a slightly transparent emerald green.

Jadeite is a very difficult stone to work with, as it is difficult to determine whether it can be split before processing. In order to bring the jade gemstone into the desired shape, to give it the right cut, so to speak, “careful” tools such as contour drills or disc saws are required. In the early Stone Age, drill heads made of hardwood or stone, very hard bamboo or bone were used for this purpose.

Jadeite does not tolerate heat very well. Acid in combination with warmth destroys the precious stone and makes its healing energy disappear.

Intense sunlight also damages the "heavenly stone" and we should better avoid cleaning the gemstone with ultrasound. Negative environmental influences deprive it of healing power, as well as color gloss and "annoy" it. The jade gemstone - whether worn as a jade pendant on a jade chain or used as a hand flatterer or lucky stone - requires good care and a dry, not too warm home so that it can unfold its soothing magic.

Jade stone - price, color, meaning and effect

Since the jade stone price is quite high, we should seek detailed advice from a gemstone expert shortly before buying. Only in this way can we ultimately be almost certain that we are not acquiring a counterfeit.

The color of jade encompasses far more than emerald green. The jadeite is rich in different shades of green. The jade healing stone, on the other hand, tends to be reddish, but the black, white, pink, yellow and mauve tones are also quite common among the jade types. Almost colorless jadeite is rarer. Spots, stripes, but also small veins are distinctive features of this coveted healing stone, which are more likely to be seen as typical identifying features (highly valued "beauty spots").

Magic stone jade - jade gemstone effect, jade gemstone value

The value of jade is therefore not measured purely according to its material value. Above all, their healing properties are in the foreground. Jadeite also has a firm place in astrology. The jade healing stone zodiac signs Cancer and Libra benefit from the radiation of Jadeite. Cancer, like Libra, gives the jade confidence, harmony, security, vitality, joie de vivre, protection and strength. In addition, jade is a powerful side stone of the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. Its calming effect inspires people of this zodiac category and gives them consistency, mindfulness and sustained calm.

The jade healing stone - meaning and application

The jadeite is a coveted collector's item, a valuable gem stone and a healing and protective stone, which allows its wearer to heal in body and soul. Worn as a protective stone, it brings luck with class work, contracts and all money matters.

A long but beautiful journey of discovery begins with the acquisition of the jadeite. So that the jade can transfer its rich energy to us, we should contact it, deal intensively with it, empathize with it and let it participate in our feelings and thoughts every day. Before we start our journey of discovery, we want to gently cleanse the jade and recharge it. To do this, we put the gemstone in water at the right temperature (not too warm!). After a certain time (1-2 hours) we put the now cleaned stone on the windowsill. Excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided. The jadeite needs a protected place, which is only lightly illuminated by the sun. After a short charging time of no more than an hour, the healing stone is ready for use. Now it is up to us to awaken his powers and to charge us positively with him.

The adventure begins - magical thinking, inspiration, well-being thanks to Jade

Put your faith in me and I'll show you a kingdom full of bliss and tenderness

Jade is graceful, even sensitive and as pure as a newborn baby, which touches the hearts of the world and quickly dispels all worries or dark thoughts. This is how we should treat our gemstone. Namely mindful! To do this, we take the freshly cleaned, also charged stone in our strongest hand (writing hand). We embrace the gem and focus on our feelings and thoughts. The more attentively we perceive this task, the easier it is for the jadeite to absorb our energy and enhance it with its healing power. It takes a little patience and concentration before the first effect or the first clear sign can be felt. We usually feel a slight tingling sensation and a pleasant, rising warmth. Our whole hand gradually feels warm. Now we are in contact with our healing stone. The positive energy begins to flow. The jadeite is now adjusted to us, to our well-being and, if necessary, unfolds its magical effect.

In order to intensify this contact, we go to a quiet room with the jadeite. It is important that we remain undisturbed for the next few minutes. Every distraction has a disruptive influence on the positive energy flow, also on the desired result. We darken the relaxation room a little or completely, lie down comfortably on the floor or on our bed and continue to hold the healing stone very close to the body. This exercise can also be performed well in a sitting position. Relaxation may be a little easier with soft background music. Try it out here. After we have come to rest, we close our eyes and let the healing stone work on our innermost being without any thoughts. In doing so, we let go of the present and set our "transmitter" to receive. Our psyche is very open to the fine vibrations of the gemstone. When we have reached a kind of limbo, we let the jadeite glide playfully over our body. The stone changes from the right hand to the left hand and vice versa. After a while our whole body is charged with positive healing power, including protection. We feel strong and secure. Now it is time to return to the present together with the stone. We place the jadeite in the middle of our body (height of the navel). We stretch and straighten ourselves slightly, slowly open our eyes and are aware of our new strengths. We remain in this relaxed position for about five minutes, then we leave this exercise by picking up the jadeite again, continuing to carry it with us or bringing it back to its predetermined place of honor. Before the next exercise, the jadeite has to be discharged, cleaned and recharged.

Tip: A wellness bath with jade stones rounds off the relaxation program perfectly and can intensify the positive healing effects. Such an energy bath can be used once a week. Preferably shortly after the meditation or relaxation exercise. After a while these blissful applications become a cherished habit and pass into flesh and blood. Gemstone lamps or gemstone radiators also have a wonderful effect. If we leave our imagination and gut feeling free, we are sure to discover even more ways to increase our well-being with gemstones.

The healing effects of jade in natural medicine

It is significant that many different healing effects are attributed to the jade stone. In kidney diseases, the jade stone is said to relieve pain and strengthen the kidneys. Even with cardiovascular diseases, the jade seems to be able to accelerate the recovery process. According to relevant sources, the risk of accidents is reduced and fertility increased. Furthermore, the jadeite has a strong mood-regulating and harmonizing effect. It should spread gentleness and sustainably rid its wearers of fever and sleep disorders. The drink ("jade healing water") has a detoxifying effect. Jade healing water taken in sips relieves the liver and bile and contributes to calming down.

Its positive effect on almost all body fluids, increasingly stabilizes our immune system, promotes digestion and leaves a feeling of freshness, also of clear perception.

Jade keeps nightmares away and promotes creative dream design and interpretation. Those who want to realize themselves are well advised to trust the power of jadeite.

The jade surely holds more secrets, which need to be fathomed in the future.

Jade - between belief and reality

What science will find out about the secret powers of this healing and precious stone is in the stars. The fact that without the sincere belief in its healing properties, no “miracles” can happen, does not need special mention. The fact is and remains that people - or let's say certain groups of people - are convinced of the healing power of the jade stone. Precisely because they were able to experience healing or relief through the jade. It is immensely difficult to examine such profound descriptions for their truthfulness. Most of the time, however, there is no counter-evidence either, as there are too few resources available to uncover errors.

So our body is able to heal itself even without conventional medicine or natural medicine. How, when and why this happens will probably remain unanswered for a long time. Spontaneous healing - like the healing stone jade - has something very mystical about it. Both give hope and belief in a just world in which no one has to suffer unnecessarily. So far, science can only guess what role certain substances, including minerals, play in the recovery or alleviation of an existing ailment. There is a certain interplay between recovery and positive vibration. Often it is lucky coincidence that at the right time, in the right place, brings the sick person together with a healing power that allows them to recover.

In conclusion, it remains to be said that gemstones, especially jade, have a specific task and pursue it. We can only guess whether this task consists of healing and strengthening people. Since gemstones have a long history and are also very old, we can assume that this is precisely why they combine a lot of knowledge, a lot of energy and a lot of healing. A salvation that we humans should not really (until absolute counter-evidence) really not doubt.

“And if it's only the sight of you that makes me believe in healing. Don't take hope away from me, because it is full of energy and lust for life - just like you! "

Info: Gemstone therapy cannot replace medical treatment by a doctor, but it can provide beneficial support. In the event of persistent complaints or doubts, you should contact a doctor and have your complaints clarified.