Are Apple products better than average

Are Apple Products Really Worth Their Price?

Cons: Of course, Apple products are far too expensive

You may have noticed that SSD and storage prices have fallen over the past few years. As an Apple customer, you haven't heard of it. Just yesterday, Tim Cook and Luca Maestri were raised again on the subject during the conference call after the announcement of the quarterly results for Q4 2018. They passed the problem on to currency fluctuations. Not for the first time. In fact, storage, regardless of whether it is RAM, hard disk or SSD storage, has been a heated topic at Apple for years.

When Apple entered the "smart" speaker business with the HomePod in 2018, many asked themselves why only now? And above all: why so expensive? The device costs 349 euros. There was already enough competition, which was and is also much cheaper. Under these conditions, Apple itself generated immense expectations.

You may have been looking at Apple's fall event with curiosity, as have many of us. A new MacBook Air, a new Mac mini and a new iPad Pro were presented there. The latter is the third generation that appears just a year after the second generation. The MacBook Air? The previous model still did not offer a high-resolution display until November 2018. A flaw that could hardly be justified in view of the relatively high price. But the Mac mini in particular required a lot of patience from the fans. Four years lay between the 8th and now 9th generation. Apple didn't even offer minimal hardware upgrades for the device at the time. Accordingly, at some point the high price for the Mac mini with "outdated" technology could not be seriously glossed over.

Pros: Yes, Apple products are well worth the price

On the other hand, as a consumer, you can sing a song about the fact that many Apple products are worth their price when you consider how stable most products are.

There is an absurd situation related to the Batterygate. As a result, Apple reduced the prices for a battery change. At the same time, iOS 12 recently made sure that the operating system worked better on older devices. In the case of the iPhone, this even ensured that the prices for older devices rose again. After all, you could and can refresh the running time for little money with a battery change.

But even if you can no longer install the latest operating system on a device, be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac (Book) (which in some cases can be five to six years after purchase), it is still usable and for most of them Purposes very good to use.

Other than that, Apple products are usually of high quality. Especially when you compare them to the competition. The company has long since moved away from cheap plastic as the chassis for its Macs and MacBooks or iPhones and iPads. Granted, Amazon's tablets are very cheap. But if you compare the 2018 iPad for 349 euros with a Fire HD 10 from Amazon, which costs 149 euros, you will quickly appreciate the value. The differences are not so stark in every case, but they can still be felt.

This also applies to the HomePod mentioned earlier. There you can definitely hear the difference compared to a 50 Euro Amazon or Google Speaker.

You can also see the difference in some cases. Because the displays, be it in iPhones and iPads or on the iMac, can certainly be "seen". When Apple also offered professional computer screens with the Thunderbolt Display, the same applied to them.

It is true that the comparison of an iPhone display with a Google Pixel or Galaxy Note is not so important. In any case, you have the feeling that with the iPhone you are holding a valuable product in your hands.

And which points of view do you predominate? Is it more the pros or cons?