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What is enlightenment

Probably two of the most common questions a seeker's thoughts revolve around are, “What is enlightenment? - Can spiritual exercises enlighten me? ”Sadhguru, a yogi and mystic with the experience of three extraordinary lives, answers these questions.

Sadhguru: In India enlightened beings were called Dwijas designated. Dwija means born twice. The first time you were born from your mother's womb; it happened unconsciously. You didn't do it yourself - nature did it for you. When you were born you came with a certain innocence and bliss. A child is innocent and blissful all by itself. But because this bliss was not consciously done, anyone can corrupt it in no time. In no time they will take it away ... Some of you had it taken away when you were 12 or 13 years old, and many as early as 5 to 6 years old. Children aged 5 to 6 years old today are tense because their innocence is corrupted in no time, depending on how much influence the people around them have on them.

Now if you have to be born again, you have to die first. If you are unwilling to die, the question of rebirth does not arise. That doesn't mean physical death. When you leave this body some other nonsense will be waiting for you. But when the way you are dies, when you destroy everything that you referred to as "I", then you will be born again. This type of birth is 100% conscious. You become happy and innocent again, but fully aware. Now that bliss cannot be taken away by anyone. So what is called "enlightenment" means conscious self-destruction.

Right now, most people don't think about enlightenment. They're just trying to live a little better. You want to live a little more peaceful, more joyful, more efficient, more effective. We can use yoga for this too. It is a humble way of practicing yoga because yoga is able to take you to another dimension of life; but it's ok. If people are not satisfied with what they are looking for in their life, they will never look for anything higher. When you talk about enlightenment to someone who is hungry, all they think about is food. Whatever people are missing in their life right now has to be fulfilled to a certain extent. Otherwise they will not look for anything higher.

Isha-Yoga is offered in such a way that all dimensions are included, but nothing is mandatory. When we initiate people into Kriya, it is taught so that everything is available. We don't want to withhold enlightenment from someone just because he or she doesn't know it. We want to create a foretaste of another dimension so that they will look for it. At the same time, nothing is forced upon you; you can use it as you wish. If someone were an ascetic and a "full-time yogi" I would initiate them in a very different way in which the path they are supposed to go is compelling. But in general, I'm not going to initiate someone in a way that is compulsory. I initiate them so that they can make use of it in many different ways and still keep it alive.

The pursuit of physical wellbeing is one thing. The pursuit of enlightenment is different.

The pursuit of physical wellbeing is one thing. The pursuit of enlightenment is different. In order to increase physical well-being, you need to learn various techniques for self-preservation. Enlightenment is a conscious destruction of yourself. For most people, it takes a certain amount of time and maturity to understand that whatever you make of yourself ends up being frustrating and not enough. No matter how wonderful you make yourself, it's still not enough. It is only when you disappear that everything will be wonderful.

So if at the moment someone just wants to be peaceful and happy and more successful in their activities - then so be it, that's fine. That doesn't mean enlightenment is out of the question, but such a longing has not yet come. The basic longing to live better is still there. You are not done with life yet - you want to live well. When you've lived enough and know that a better life will get you nowhere, then you want to go beyond life.

Editor's note: In this video, Sadhguru delves into the question of what it actually means to be enlightened. Check it out on our Youtube channel.