What are the best love poems of all time

love poems

Hundreds of years ago, love poems were a very popular form of expression of mutual affection. We have clearly arranged the best love poems from yesterday and today.

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Angelus Silesius
Love when it's new
brews like a young wine:
The more she old and clear
the quieter it will be.

Heinrich Heine
In the beautiful month of May,
When all the buds popped
There is in my heart
The love rose.
In the beautiful month of May,
When all the birds sang
I confessed to her
My longings and desires.

Come here and sit down on my lap
because I have to tell you something
because my love for you is so great
that I now give it to you with a kiss.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
One look from your eyes to mine
A kiss from your mouth on my mouth
Who, like me, has certain customers
What else might seem enjoyable?
Far from you, alienated from mine
I always bring my thoughts around
And they always meet that hour
The only; that's when I start to cry.
The tear suddenly dries up again:
He loves, I think, into this silence
And shouldn't you reach into the distance?
Hear the lisp of this love-wafting;
My only happiness on earth is your will
Yours kindly, to me; give me a sign!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I know it well and mock a lot:
You girls are full of fickleness!
You love, like in a card game,
David and Alexander;
You are forcing each other,
And they are good with each other.
But am I miserable as before
With a misanthropic face
Dear slave, a poor fool!
How I would love to be rid of the pain!
But it sits too deep in the heart
And mockery does not drive out love.

My love for you is infinitely great
she is stable as a tree,
she swims to you like a sealing raft.

William Shakespeare
Doubt in the sun's clarity,
Doubt in the star light
Doubt whether the truth can lie
Only not because of my love.

Love poems ... "What the Minnegesang used to be are now love poems. But nothing has really changed: It is still the most beautiful way to reveal your love when we find the right love poems, deep from the heart The length of the love poems and the perfect rhyme are not so crucial, the message conveyed and the way in which we deliver the verses are much more important. The best starting point for every love poem are the most successful poets and thinkers of our republic: Whoever has once dealt with the best writings by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Heinrich Heine, who knows that love poems can have an unbelievably positive effect. To improve the surprise for the treasure, discreetly personal words can be added to make the love poem perfect Tailored to the recipient. The right sentences at the right time in the right place in the right atmosphere ensure a comfortable feeling. Because each of us likes it when someone takes the effort to write a poem. "

Fridolin from Schillen
Love is to show yourself
that the sky is not full of violins
must hang night and day.
Love is also to be endured
Discordant notes and bang.
Whether adagio or crescendo
I'm listening because I love you so!

I'm sitting here on a ray of sunshine
I'll send it to you and say hello!
With such a little sun salutation
your day will be very sweet!

When you look at the sky
and an asterisk whizzes past,
press it, kiss it, think of me
because the asterisk, that's me.

Even when we float above the clouds
I'll give you my love
Because it is deep, my heart is only yours -
oh, we could be angels.

Like the flower its leaves
I reach out my love to you
am your rose, tulip, carnation,
am your big bouquet of flowers.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I think yours when the sun shimmers
Radiates from the sea;
I think your when the moon flickers
Paints in sources.
I see you when on the distant road
The dust rises;
In the dead of night, when on the narrow walkway
The wanderer trembles.
I hear you when there with a dull noise
The wave rises.
In the quiet grove I often go to listen
When everything is silent.
I'm with you, no matter how far away you are
You are close to me!
The sun is sinking, soon the stars will shine for me
Would you be there!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I saw in the shadow
Stand a flower
Shining like stars
As beautiful as eyes.

Love poems ... "Who does not know that? The knotted-up piece of paper that was handed two or three rows forward in elementary school to the first great love. Nothing other than early forms of love poems! Later you might have these pieces of paper through more extravagant creations supplemented and replaced with neatly folded, colorful, perfumed paper and fountain pens. Then you might send your love poems in just 160 characters as an SMS, now it is possible to digitally fill in endless pages via WhatsApp or email. In the course of a lifetime you write (if you are blessed with a good dose of luck and the right people around you) a whole lot of beautiful lines for love. Even if the way may change over and over again, the content of the love poems always remains very similar. We want to communicate, we want to make others happy, we want to tell you how much we like them n and that we would like to spend even more time with you. Words can trigger great emotions once they are embedded in beautiful love poems. "

You are my only sunshine
give me light for night and day,
I never leave you alone
because I always like to have you with me.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Yes the eyes were there, yes the mouth
Those who looked at me, who kissed me.
Hips narrow, the body so round,
Like to heavenly lust.
Was she there? Where did she go
Yes! it was she, she gave it,
Has given itself in flight
And tied up all of my life.

The whole world should know:
I'm in love with you,
I never want to miss your presence again
because your No. 1, that's me!

My love grows day by day
so that I don't want to think of anything else
at some point it will be incredibly huge,
and i'm never alone again!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
How I love you
With warm blood
You me youth
And joy and courage
To new songs
And give dances.
Be happy forever
How you love me

The time with you with you goes by so fast
the sun shines so bright for us
it's nice with both of us
I always want to go with you.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
You are mine and you are so petite
You are mine and so well mannered
But you are still missing something:
Kissed with such sharp lips
Like the pigeons sip water -
You are too petite!