Why do offspring resemble their parents?

20 children and their parents / grandparents who look like one egg to another!

As a parent you are always proud when the children have facial features similar to your own - at least if it is not the crooked nose or the ears that are too big. But it's also a bit scary when your own children run around the world like little mini mes. In addition, it is often not just the appearance in which they resemble their parents - character traits are of course strikingly similar.

But even if you may notice a certain similarity in your kids, the following examples are in a completely different league when it comes to genetic copy / paste: Here come 20 children and their parents / grandparents who are like one egg to another!

# 1 A rare genetic expression, inherited from mother to daughter

a friend of mine took this picture at a clinic. rare condition from mother to daughter

# 2 grandmother and granddaughter

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# 3 β€œMom on her wedding day, me at the prom. I think it's great to look like my heroine! "

My mom on her wedding day, me at junior prom! I love looking just like my hero ❀️ pic.twitter.com/aAQU9HZmhm

- Olivia Moe (@obliviuh) May 24, 2020

# 4 The same white quiff

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# 5 Just the same

Seed! pic.twitter.com/XNxsAwMs1R

- Larraine Hampton (@LarraineTeresa) May 24, 2020

# 6 β€œI have an inherited bald spot on my eyebrow. The one on the left is a portrait of my great-grandfather, and my father has it too "

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# 7 "My brother-in-law has one thumb each from both parents"

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# 8 "My daughter and I have the same dent on our foreheads"

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# 9 amazing!

Girl, same. pic.twitter.com/bZCQs8Dt6m

- Erica Peters 🌼 (@theUSofErica) May 24, 2020

# 10 "I probably sit and talk like you too"

Seed. apparently I sit and talk like her too pic.twitter.com/O4rVBlIo4S

- Adaobi (@AddyO_OLuyi) May 24, 2020

# 11 "Like father, like son"

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# 12 "My mom and me"

same but with me + my mom πŸ€©πŸ’— pic.twitter.com/zwYNb0n3wi

- Carolina 🌞 (@ cvtorres12) May 24, 2020

# 13 That too is the power of genes: being able to touch the tip of the nose with the tongue, across the generations

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# 14 mother and daughter

My momma and I pic.twitter.com/7AWO6I21Mm

- Indai Dusk (@TsarinaLala) May 24, 2020

# 15 "My grandfather and I"

My grandfather and me pic.twitter.com/QkHihHag2q

- Ness (@elglamping) May 24, 2020

# 16 Grandfather and grandson again - that facial expression!

Just like me & my grandfather. 😎 pic.twitter.com/GJhHhqs7N1

- D.B.III (@ DB3TheOriginal) May 24, 2020

# 17 "Genes are a crazy thing"

Genes crazy af pic.twitter.com/YKxTQVva71

- JLπŸ’™ (@ThaKiddJay__) May 24, 2020

# 18 father and son

Father & Me 😎 pic.twitter.com/iw8kRzMRWH

- D.B.III (@ DB3TheOriginal) May 24, 2020

# 19 "My great-grandmother and I"

Me and my great grandmother, who I share my name with! pic.twitter.com/ZgURoQU3Sk

- Gumption Gal (@adelinerines) May 24, 2020

# 20 The exact same grin

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