Why are extroverts so annoying

4 feelings that all people who are shy and extroverted at the same time know

"Noooo, YOU are not shy!". It is not always easy for people with both extroverted and introverted personality traits.

on January 2nd, 2019, 9.15 a.m.

Your friends know you as an open and fun person, but you hardly meet new people, are sweats inevitable?

Then you are not alone! Because although many do not understand the phenomenon: To be shy and extroverted at the same time is completely normal and nothing to justify yourself for.

Psychologists refer to this form of personality as "ambiverted". This includes people who, depending on the situation, can be both open and shy. According to the Huffington PostIt is estimated that up to 38 percent of North Americans correspond to this category. So it is - more than - normal not to fit into the extroverted or introverted category.

5 feelings that all people who are shy and extroverted at the same time know:

1. You are confused about yourself

You know yourself from an extroverted person who can crack jokes all the time and makes her whole circle of friends laugh with it. But as soon as you are in an unfamiliar, new environment, nothing is left of your lightness. And that confuses even you.

2. There is no "in between"

Fully open or really shy. There is nothing in between.

3. Your friends don't understand you

"Noooo, YOU are not shy!" No matter how often you explain it, your friends just won't believe you that you can be extrovert and shy at the same time. And that's pretty annoying.

4. You cannot describe yourself how you feel

You know how you feel, but there is just no word for your condition.

It is no secret among psychologists that very few people can be classified into rigid categories. On the contrary: no one corresponds 100% to the extroverted or introverted category.