How much sex do students have

Everything you always wanted to know about university sex ...

The good news first. "Nobody in Germany has to prostitute themselves in order to be able to study. These are individual decisions," explains Stefan Grob. The press spokesman for the German Student Union refers to the regular social surveys of the student union. The sex industry does not appear there as an employer. But they do exist: female students who work as dominatrixes or who synchronize porn.

A survey conducted by the Berlin preparatory college in 2010 among 3000 students showed that in Berlin 3.7 percent of all respondents are or were active in the sex industry. Every third person could also imagine working in the sex trade one day. A value that sex therapist and counselor Beatrice Poschenrieder ( not surprised: "I definitely notice a more relaxed approach to the subject. A myth is that women prostitute themselves because they have so little money." Nevertheless: the sometimes very good pay is motivating, as an anonymous user on confirmed: "I work as an escort lady, but the main reason is actually the fun and the lifestyle."

But where does the desperate student's image come from? Mainly through the media, confirms our research. Films like "The Better Life" with Juliette Binoche or "Lea - the stripping student" convey a problem that - at least in Germany - does not exist in this form. Anyone who takes a look at military novels like "Fucking Berlin" by the former student Sonia Rossi feels confirmed.

Curiosity and coal drive the students into the red light district, but rarely the pure fear of existence. Tobias, a student from Münster, has experienced how comparatively normal sex work can be, who supervised a sex chat for two years. "This is basically call center work," reports Tobias. For around 13 euros an hour, he also flirted under women's names, pelted male genitals with medicine balls by text message or served any other desired fetish with 160 characters. "You definitely always have a good party chat with the job," he says. The student from Münster quit because of boredom.

Myth 2: The higher the IQ, the later and worse the sex!

Stupid Fucks Well! Everyone knows the saying, including Beatrice Poschenrieder. The author of numerous guides, including "Sex Awareness" and "Sex for the Lazy and Stressed", has been in charge of various erotic problem boxes on the Internet since 1999 and makes it clear: "IQ and sexuality are related, but in a positive way. The sex is then more intelligent, more conscious and more varied. "However, when IQ is high, not only the frequency is discussed, but also (once) having sex at all - ask the highly gifted heroes of"The Big Bang Theory"Some research confirms this.

A 2006 study by the Leipzig sex researcher Kurt Starke found that every tenth male university graduate has not had sexual intercourse by the age of 29. 10 percent of the 1,004 respondents in a UNICUM survey were still virgins. An additional 18 percent had no sexual experience at all before they went to college. These are comparatively low numbers internationally.

A much-cited study by US professor Tyler Cowen took random samples of the elite universities in Princeton, Harvard and MIT. With all three it was Virgos quota at over 50 percent. Numbers that the sexologist Konrad Weller of University of Merseburg don't overly surprise. "It has been confirmed again and again for many decades that people with longer educational paths later enter into a sexual life as a partner." Experts estimate the group of people who go through life in adulthood without any sexual experience at one to two million in Germany.

"Absolute Beginners" is the name of the phenomenon, named after a song by David Bowie. There are no reliable studies on the subject, mostly forum surveys or clichés that turn it into a pure academic problem. Sex therapist Poschenrieder's experience is different: "In my anonymous and free online consultations, I have received a total of around 18,000 emails in 13 years, around 150 of them from Absolute Beginners - they come from all walks of life."

Myth 3: There is a lot of sex in the university loos!

Five percent of those surveyed on stated that they had already had sex in the university toilet. Very little with over two million students. But where does the myth come from when even the smelly library or an abandoned lecture hall is even more inviting. The answer can be found in the homosexual milieu and comes from the time when gay men couldn't meet everywhere. For example at the University of MünsterAs a long-time employee of the university recalls: "Twelve years ago it was our daily bread and no fun when suddenly men stood there with their pants down." The problem no longer exists. The reason is reinforced walls, barred windows and tighter controls around the men's toilets.

Today the toilets are generally obsolete as meeting places, Appointments are no longer made via messages on the tiles, but via the Internet. The caretaker of a large university in the Ruhr area currently knows no cases of sex in the toilet. Even with a random sample in the men's toilets University of Hamburg We couldn't find a single one of the notorious phone numbers for arranging sex meetings.

Myth 4: Profs give good marks against sex!

"I'm a bachelor's student and could well imagine having sex with a professor for a better grade, of course it depends on the subject. The pressure to perform is so great that sex instead of an exam would be quite conceivable for me, "writes a user in our UNICUM survey. Six percent of those surveyed know such cases specifically, two-thirds at least trust the 25,000 professionals in Germany to do it and keep them Headline-grabbing judgments not just for individual cases.

Our users report to us on cases, as do the psychological advisors from the Studentenwerke, but there are no concrete figures. However, the universities are sensitized, there are often guidelines against sexual discrimination, and the number of offers of help and advice for those affected is increasing. In contrast, there is no general ban on relationships between students and lecturers, as enacted at Yale University in 2010. Why also? After all, almost half of our respondents on could imagine a relationship with their professor. And at least two percent have already had sex with their teacher.

Myth 5: The bachelor's degree makes for a worse sex life!

The fact is that the bachelor's degree has increased the stress of exams for everyone. The graduate psychologist Gabriele Bensberg advises prospective students in her book "Survivalguide Bachelor": "As a man you have to expect that women value foreplay, which you probably don't have the time for if you do Education take seriously. As a woman, you should remember that a quickie that is limited to two minutes won't do you much good, but that you won't have much time for more, especially during exam times. "

The whole thing is meant ironically, of course, assures the author on request. But those affected cannot laugh at the reality. Our UNICUM survey showed:More than a third of those surveyed have less sex than usual during the exam phases. Six percent say they will not have sex at all. "The university stress destroys my sex life," summarized one of the survey participants.

The reasons for this range from simpler Lack of time, stress and even existential fearsAs therapist Beatrice Poschenrieder reports: "I hear more often in my counseling practice: 'I'm already heading towards 30, I haven't got a degree yet, so I can't find a job anymore'. This can lead to existential fears, Burnout and depressive moods and that is fatal to sexuality. "

The increasing performance assessments in the form of exams exacerbate this problem, but affect the particularly strong and weak. Sex researcher Konrad Weller found out back in the 1980s that the top and bottom performing students were sexually inactive. "The top performers are simply more focused on their studies. And those who are always afraid of being exmatriculated naturally also have stress that affects their libido." Sex in particular can be the solution to stressful everyday life. "Sexuality is a huge resource, especially when it comes to studying," adds Konrad Weller. By the way, Stuart Brody agrees. The psychologist from the Scottish Paisley University found out in 2006: Sex helps with exam stress. The only downer: masturbation has a significantly poorer anti-stress effect.

Myth 6: Sports students have the most sex, computer scientists the least!

"I don't know of a single investigation that seriously confirms this," explains sexual researcher Konrad Weller as an introduction. Correctly. It doesn't exist, we asked anyway. And the cliché seems to be confirmed for now. When asked: "What do you think, which subject group has the least sex on average?" the vote turns out to be devastating for the computer scientists.64 percent believe that aspiring IT people are dead in bed.

But why? Sex therapist Poschenrieder tries to explain: "The connection is wrong: Members of certain subjects do not have less sex because of the subject. Rather, a person who chooses a certain subject has a certain disposition."For example with the nerds, a phenomenon that is more often encountered with the computer scientists:" Nerds do indeed have less sex, but that is also because they are often shy outsiders and / or their appearance is too little ' attractive & sexy 'trim. As a result, they have a harder time getting to partners for love and sex ".

However, a few seem to want to statistically compensate for the shortcomings of their colleagues on their own. In a 2001 Playboy survey, every fiftieth computer scientist stated that they had more than twenty partners in the past year.

But let's get to the other end of the cliché scale. We asked, "Who do you think has the most sex?" and 47 percent of the more than 1,000 respondents bet on the sports scientists. Here, too, we looked for explanations and found one with Sabine Köster, head of the psychotherapeutic advice center of the Karlsruhe Student Union: "Athletes may have a more positive relationship with their own body overallOn the one hand, there is always physical contact between the students in the course itself, on the other hand, their own physical self-perception is also completely different. "

For example, also on Karen Owen. The young Duke University student created a 42-page joke power point presentation of her sexual experiences on campus. Her small private study made it onto the Internet and earned her a dubious fame. Likewise their 13 named sexual partners, almost all of them from the university's own lacrosse team.