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Storm damage: It was a tornado

The day after the devastating storm, which drew a swath of devastation through parts of Lower Bavaria on Wednesday evening, the extent of the destruction becomes visible: Broken houses, fallen trees, blocked railway lines and roads, broken electricity pylons and eleven injured. The material damage runs into the millions.

Man critically injured by lightning

In Obermotzing (district of Straubing-Bogen), a 60-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck by lightning. Lightning had struck the building of a recycling center and then hit the 60-year-old. The man was transferred to a special clinic in Munich due to his critical condition.

Ten agricultural workers in a field in Freundorf near Plattling were just lucky in the misfortune. They saw the storm coming and stood under a "cucumber flier" for protection. The harvester was raised completely by the storm and overturned along with the tractor. The ten workers were injured, two of them seriously.

In the Plattling area, the thunderstorm has evidently even expanded into a regionally limited tornado. According to Dominik Jung from the weather service wetter.net, a category F1 tornado with wind speeds between 120 and 180 km / h was raging here.

The Stephansposching community was hit particularly badly. In the district of Sautorn there is practically no building that has not been damaged to a greater or lesser extent. "I've lived here for almost 30 years, but I've never seen anything like it," said one local resident. The total damage in the place was estimated at 300,000 euros.

The city of Regen was also hit hard, the Bavarian Forest city reported record-breaking rainfall: 40.6 liters per square meter fell on Wednesday evening within 45 minutes of rain and put some streets under water. Mayor Dr. Olaf Heinrich damages in five figures.

Tips for insured and injured parties

Anyone who has suffered damage from the storm can claim this against the tax. Everything you need to know about insurance and tax breaks for injured parties can be found here.

Warning: Don't clean up the forest now

Meanwhile, the agricultural trade association warns forest owners against forest work. The need to clean up the damage in the forest is high in many places; but the danger from damaged trees is still difficult to assess at the moment. If you want to be on the safe side, you should get help from heavy equipment (harvester, excavator, cable winch).

A total of around 600 emergency calls were received by the Niederbayern operations center in Straubing, as the police announced on Thursday. Streets were flooded and cellars were flooded. Fallen trees and torn branches temporarily blocked a railway line near Dingolfing. The state road between Klingenbrunn and Frauenau (district Freyung-Grafenau) and the forest railway between Frauenau and Grafenau are still closed on Thursday morning. Presumably it will stay that way until Friday.

In Plattling (Deggendorf district) a truck was simply blown off the road. Two trapezoidal sheet metal roofs flew through the air in the Isar city, on the one hand from a block of flats on Amesmeierstrasse, where the residents on Mater-Corona-Strasse were particularly hard hit. The other roof came off the AVP car center and hit several roofs.

The three quarters of an hour thunderstorm torrential rain flooded downtown Regen on Wednesday evening. Bachgasse, Stadtplatz, Platzl, the Unterer Sand area and again the Heilig-Geist-Viertel were particularly affected.

The canals could no longer contain the flash floods, the water was up to half a meter high on the streets and squares, dozens of cellars were flooded, and in many properties the water was also on the ground floor. The canal construction site on the town square was also fully under water. In addition, the power went out temporarily in parts of the city.

Further storm damage in the region was also recorded in Zwiesel, Landau and Frauenau.

Feedback from readers on the PNP storm warning on Facebook shows that the storm passed quickly and harmlessly in other regions on Wednesday. The users reported lightning, thunder and heavy rains and also documented them with photos.

Thunderstorms predicted for Sunday again

According to the German Meteorological Service, the small low, moving northeast over Bavaria, brought heavy rain between 30 and 50 liters per square meter in a short time. There was hail. The area around Landshut as well as Straubing, Passau and the Bavarian Forest were also hit by the storm. On Wednesday evening, the thunderstorms moved over the Bavarian Forest to the Czech Republic. In the past few weeks there had already been several violent thunderstorms with downpours in Bavaria. Thunderstorms are again forecast for Sunday.

The traces of the storm in Aholming - a video by reader Martin ErdniƟ.

A few hot and humid days, then violent thunderstorms, then a drop in temperature - this is how summer 2011 has looked so far. Will the storms continue? And is this zigzag weather still normal? The PNP answers the most important questions.

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