Are calories from different foods absorbed differently?

Why we have been counting calories incorrectly for years

There is much to suggest that there are significant differences in how different people use food. It all depends on the tens of thousands - or millions - of chemicals that make up our individual metabolome. If you combine this knowledge with information about the individual intestinal flora, personalized nutritional recommendations could be developed. Wishart believes that in the future we will only have to take a picture of a dish with our smartphone to get information about what effect it will have on our body and how many calories we can use from it. Chances are, the person next to you would get very different information about the same dish.

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Perhaps in the future we will also concentrate on manipulating the intestinal flora. Someone who wants to lose weight would then influence the intestinal flora in such a way that they draw fewer calories from the food - without harming their health. Peter Turnbaugh warns that science has not yet been able to recommend a particular gut microbiome or use it specifically in the gut.

Nevertheless, we know that the microorganisms in our digestion change when we take antibiotics, travel or change our diet, for example. The researcher is therefore confident that one day we will be able to influence the microorganisms in our digestion as we wish.

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