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René von Senftleben is the owner of Bloodline Tattoo. Built in 1974 and has been tattooing all styles since 1995, some even very much.
In principle, he gets along with other mammals, as long as they have a sense of humor, say his regular customers.

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Fenja was built in 1987 and was born in Saarland. In 2015, the elderly graphic designer and illustrator stumbled into René's studio and has been making herself comfortable there ever since. Whether he wanted to or not.
Preferred styles: Anime / Manga, Neo Traditional, Dark Art, Realistic and many more.

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As a native of the Northern Lights, Nina ended up tattooing here in Koblenz without further ado and practices the craft with a lot of joy and passion.
In terms of style, she is flexible and enthusiastic about everything, but she has found a little love in “Black / Gray Realistic”.

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about us

We are a well-coordinated team of three tattoo artists who couldn't be more different. For several years we have been complementing each other and since each of us has a different focus, every tattoo request will find the right artist. We exchange ideas and can therefore look at each tattoo idea from three different perspectives. With all other styles, both modern and traditional, it is helpful to be able to fall back on the inspiration of three experienced tattoo artists.


Because personal contact with our customers is very important to us, advice is only possible in our studio in Koblenz. Together we will develop an individual concept for your tattoo idea and can advise you competently on site. Just drop by us!


Doesn't work, doesn't exist! Due to the fact that each of our tattoo artists has a different focus in terms of style and talents, every tattoo wish will find the right artist. Whether Maori, realistic portraits, old school, mandala, trash polka, neo traditional and much more. Thanks to our common and many years of experience, we can cover all styles and create your unique work of art.


Whether it's youthful sin or a past love affair - so far, no challenge has been too great for us to make the old tattoo what you want today.

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Gordon Strutz

Information about your tattoo

Do you have an appointment with us soon and would you like to prepare yourself ideally? To get the most out of the appointment and your tattoo, please note the following tips and hints. You can also find everything you need to know about care afterwards here in brief. Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or in person at the studio.

Two weeks before the appointment

You're welcome renounce on sunbathing and / or visits to the solarium. You cannot tattoo on skin irritated by sunburn!

One day before your appointment

You're welcome renounce on the consumption of alcohol, caffeine or in general blood thinning Medicines and agents (e.g. aspirin).

  • Be rested, stress-free and slept in
  • Have breakfast and drink a lot (none Coffee, cola, energy drinks or similar drinks with caffeine!).
  • Please treat yourself to one shortly beforehand shower (You brush your teeth before you go to the dentist, don't you?).
  • Choose loose & old clothes that will not rub on the tattooed area later and can also get dirty. It is also a good idea, for example, to bring short pants (e.g. for tattoos on the thigh) or an old bikini top (tattoos e.g. on the rib cage).
  • Since you are only with us Cash make sure you have enough with you.

The foil afterwards is only intended for safe transport. As soon as you get home, remove these and clean your fresh tattoo under cold running water.

Please do not use a washcloth or cloth. After that, you let your tattoo rest for the rest of the day. If you stick your tattoo to your pajamas or bedspread the day after, NOTtear off! Take it into the bathroom and let the fabric slowly peel off under cold water. The day after, you should apply a thin layer of panthenol-containing ointment (e.g. Bepanthen, Tattoo Med, Pegasus - available in pharmacies) twice a day. As long as your tattoo has not healed completely (approx. 2-3 weeks) you should refrain from exercising, sunbathing / solarium, swimming pools, sauna, bathing and anything else that could damage your tattoo. Do not pollute it! It's an open wound! After about 3-4 days, the crust slowly loosens. Please do not help, paddle or scratch! Otherwise holes will appear in your tattoo.

If you have any questions, suggestions, praise or criticism, we are always available to you 026197380824 or from Mon - Fri available in our studio.