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GuruShots Fotocommunity ★ Instructions and tips 2021

GuruShots I didn't really know it for a long time. And when I first heard about it, I was rather skeptical. Again one of those photo communities, where some crazy competitions are regularly held where you can win strange “prizes” ?! And that's just because you've submitted your photo ?! Platforms for this are a dime a dozen. 500px.com, viewbug.com, photocrowd.com or whatever they are called.

The principle is actually always quite similar. Any topic is given, for example “Blue Hour”, “Bokeh”, “Waterfalls” or whatever I know, and you can then upload your photo (or several, depending on the competition) and take part. The whole thing is a game, at the end of which there is also a winner. Namely the photo with the most points. So far so good.


GuruShots photo community

GuruShots advertises itself with "The world's greatest game for photographers. Share your photos, track ranking, improve skills & win awards. ” Well, whether you can sign it like that, I'll just leave it there at the beginning. But maybe we will come back to it at the end. In fact, however, photographers from all over the world “play” here, so the competitions are international and not just regionally restricted.



Introduction - what is it all about?

In principle, it is about presenting your own photos to others and being rated for them. So it's nothing more than a simple photo competition. A common shortcoming of many other competitions of this type is that a lot can be faked. Anyone who has a large online community or a certain group of friends behind them also has the best chance of winning the competition.

Fortunately, this is solved differently here and is not possible. The voting is, as it were, anonymous. You only see the photos, not the author. So you never know who actually owns which photo. Subjectively, that's fairer than anywhere else.



Your own profile in the photo community

As on all other photo portals or social media platforms, you lie down first your own profile in the photo community at. Here you can choose your username, cover photo, etc. Everything you already know from other sites. The only major difference here is that a kind of portfolio is gradually created with every photo that is uploaded. All these photos are shown to other users immediately when they click on your profile.

Your own profile in the GuruShots photo community


In the profile itself you can see the GS points you have collected so far, the number of uploaded photos, the number of gimmicks received (e.g. swaps, etc.), the number of likes you gave for other photos and the number of followers. We'll go into all of that later.



A touch of social network

Admittedly a touch of social network cannot be denied. You can follow other users and share their pictures. Of course, you can also comment on photos. That was it already. You won't find a timeline or a newsfeed, but that would go beyond the scope of the page and would then simply have nothing to do with the actual intention.



Vote, vote, vote

But how does such a competition actually work? Everything starts with the specification of a topic. Let's say the competition is about “yellow”. So you search through your photos and upload, for example, a picture with a sunflower. Or anything else that is primarily yellow in your photos. As soon as the competition has started, voting will take place.

In the photo overview you can see all participating photos, but - as already mentioned above - NOT the authors or photographers behind them. So primarily you only vote for a photo that you like, not for the person behind it who you might know or find likeable.

The voting for the topic of winter landscapes



Increase your own visibility / exposure boost

So far so good. But of course there is a catch to the whole thing. If thousands of participants submit their photos to a competition and you look at them on the voting page, you usually end up with your own photos relatively far down in this overview. The probability that someone scrolls SO far down to vote is rather low.

In order to improve the chances so that your own photos are visible to many people, you now have to vote yourself. That means, for each voting that you submit, your own photos rise further up in the overview. This is what GuruShots calls it Exposure Boost.

The more you voted, the higher this boost increases ... until it has just reached 100%. The idea behind this is of course clear. You want to get people to be active and call up GuruShots again and again to vote. If you do not do that, you automatically decrease in visibility - which in turn minimizes the chances of even getting to the top of the rankings.



Individual levels during the voting

Five levels there are during the voting, the more people have voted for a photo, the higher you rise in the course of the challenge, logically

  1. Popular (required votes: 50)
  2. Skilled (required votes: 250)
  3. premier (required votes: 600)
  4. elite (required votes: 1550)
  5. All-star (required votes: 2700)

If you reach the All Star Level you already belong to the select group of the respective challenge. Within this last and highest level it is theoretically the declared goal to get into the top 10. Or who knows, maybe even win a challenge one day. So far I haven't had that luck, but I don't really understand what the criteria are.

Overview of the competitions in which you take part



The competitions

Two different types of Competitions is there. On the one hand the “normal” ones, which usually run for 9, 10 or more days. 4 photos can then always be set here. On the other hand, the speed challenges. These only run for a few days or even hours. You can only upload one photo there and it is not possible to use the boost! The strategy is therefore completely different.

In my opinion, it is MUCH more difficult to win a Speed ​​Challenge than a normal competition.

Money can also be won over and over again



Swap, Fills & Keys (for Boost)

Swaps, fills, and keys (to manually boost) can each be “unlocked” by successfully participating in competitions. Alternatively, the principle of “freemium” comes into play here. You can also buy these three things. In all the time that I've been registered with GuruShots, I didn't have to do this once, because I always got some again after the competitions.