Who would win Sauron or Darth Sidious?

Voldemort vs Sauron, who would win?

Actually ..... I think Voldemort has that easily in his pocket. Here is my reason.

The magic of the two universes is very different. Magic in the Potter universe varies according to practice, disposition and mental state. Magic is a little more subtle in Middle-earth. Magic is more of an art form that can only be mastered by the extremely gifted. It seems that magic is a being itself, almost comparable in fact to the power in Star Wars.

If you take a closer look at the two, they couldn't be more different. Sauron is an immortal being. He is a Maiar who is older than creation.

Voldemort is, if you really take it, only human. Allersings he was probably the most powerful wizard that existed at this time, also more powerful than Dumbledore. He made himself Immortal with the help of his Horcruxes and he cast some spells on himself to be even better at magic.

Now Sauron has a problem. As powerful as he is ... he has put all his power in a single ring. A Horcrux, if you will, of a different kind.

Now you basically have to decide which Voldemort will meet which Sauron. In my opinion, a young Voldemort with 2/3 Horcruxes is more powerful than an older one with 7 simply because his soul has been shared too often and that negatively affects his .... personality and his mind. In short: he has a screw too much loose.

Sauron before he forges the ring is also different from a Sauron after the ring. So there are different exits.

Therefore, I will base the final decision on the respective version that we saw last, so to speak. Voldemort without a nose and Sauron with a ring (he needs at least a body to fight).

Voldemort's madness is not a disadvantage in this case, because either way he will quickly see through Sauron's magic and way of fighting. Sauron has a similar ability as Leglimens and Aragorn has resisted Sauron's attack, so used Occlumency. Voldemort is familiar with the system and can take advantage of it.

Sauron may be a Maiar, but he also has to get to Voldemort first. However, he is a ranged fighter. So as long as he is out of range ... he'll be dancing on Sauron. All Voldemort has to do is get the ring. It was enough that a normal person knocked off the ring with a broken sword to bring Sauron to his knees. I just say Sectumsempra and the matter is settled.

That would basically answer the question, but now we have interesting situations that I would like to address.

Let us assume that Sauron's form is destroyed, then Voldemort can bind the ghost to an object and throw it into the next black hole, or behind the curtain, whatever is there.

Nobody can tell me, however, that Voldemort would not keep the ring. The ring, with the personality of Sauron .... dangerous mixture.

a) he makes a Horcrux out of it, but that would be almost wasted

b) he uses it.

At first I said that they couldn't be more different in themselves. In terms of personality and goal, however, they are very similar. So it could be that the ring accepts him and he forms some kind of connection with Sauron's personality in the ring. It could even become too much, so that they both destroy themselves and the ring.