What are the latest trending hairstyles

Our TOP 30 hairstyles

Whether fresh from the catwalk, from the red carpet or in the trendy street style blog - the hairstyle trends and fashion in 2021 couldn't be more diverse. Strong red tones, bold short hairstyles and pompous hairstyles or braided hairstyles are just as much a part of the current beauty appearance as the classic bob or creative hairstyles with bangs.

Women's hairstyles 2021

The hairdressers of the world have once again rummaged in the creative box and present a colorful hairstyle catalog that has the right hairstyles and trends for every female taste. Especially with modern short hairstyles and impressively set bridal hairstyles as well as updos, women are right this year. Long hair is given a good dose of volume in the form of wildly falling curls that promise a very natural beauty look. Multicolored hairstyles, matte blonde and strong brick red are among the coloring favorites in 2021 and are sure to attract one or two eye-catchers.

Men's hairstyles 2021

The men of creation can also look forward to a lot of inspiration this year when it comes to hairstyles. The fluffy curly hair with seemingly untamed mane is one of the most beautiful masculine hairstyle trends, as is the strict gel hairstyle with side parting or the vintage quiff that does the King of Rock’n’Roll credit.

The side shaved areas are reminiscent of the typical Brit Pop Chic. On the other hand, cuts that are casually styled on the forehead convey a rocky touch. A well-groomed male beard a la Johnny Depp does the rest to complete the look.

With the abundance of options, it is by no means easy to choose the right hairdresser. Just click through our hairstyle catalog and discover your personal favorite styles for this year! The selection offers different hairstyles for every hair type!

Trends and fashion show: The fashion world not only includes fashionable items of clothing and accessories, but also the matching hairstyles. Only if the outfit matches the hair look does a coherent picture emerge. But contrasts can also create an idiosyncratic harmony. The hairstyles 2021 are captivating on the one hand due to their naturalness - on the other hand, also through particularly creative influences.

Hairstyles 2021

A whole lot of hairstyles were able to establish themselves in relation to autumn / winter 2021 - whether on the catwalks of this world or in private life. As always, the stars lead the way, but the hairstyle has to match the type in order not to look fake. The ultimate trend hairstyles for women include bangs and bobs, as well as light natural make-up. The lords of creation can choose between parted, laid, radically shortened or waving mane. The kids like to look at their stars, but parents should make sure that children's hairstyles don't look too artificial. Naturalness will determine the hairstyles in 2021 in terms of cuts and colors - but it is not a must!

Which hairstyle and which hair color suits me?

Of course, hairstyles also score in terms of hair color. Nowadays there are no longer any limits in this regard. Such a large number of shades are possible that the selection is not necessarily easy. The stars naturally change their hair color more often than we normal mortals. Drew Barrymore already used blonde, reddish and dark nuances and the recently blonde Agyness Deyn now appears in snow white black. However, color experiments do not always have positive results, which is why you should first ask yourself: Which hair color suits me? And what should you watch out for?
Our tips:

  • If the hair color is changed, a type change takes place. It is important that the new hair color matches your own skin tone and emphasizes your personality.
  • If there are color changes by several nuances - for example from dark brown to blonde - an unintentionally artificial effect can occur.
  • The hair structure should not be disregarded.

The bob for you: women's hairstyle number one

The bob hairstyles are without question one of the trend hairstyles for women in 2021. The bobs are versatile and feminine, but also easy to care for. Since there is a great deal of leeway for changes - whether in color, length or structure - diversity reigns supreme. This is another reason why bob hairstyles are actually always in the beauty trend. Should it be a classic page head, an A-line bob or maybe a long bob that reaches down to the shoulders? No matter whether the hair is straight or curly, strong or fine: Bob hairstyles are suitable for every hair type. Whether or not a pony is an option depends on the shape of the face. Tips: It is advisable to ask the hairdresser for advice.

And the pony for him - out-of-bed look and ruffled pony

The pony is clearly one of the trendy men's hairstyles for 2021. It suits almost every man. It is only advisable to discourage this if the top coat is disappearing. The sides can be extremely short, but soft or fringed contours are also possible. The so-called “out-of-bed look” is in great demand. For this it is necessary to bring a matte finish into the hairstyle with your fingers and to tous the hair again and again in different directions. The messy pony is not well suited to score points as a businessman, but it is all the more popular on a date.

These are and were a few short tips: Of course, you can also browse the latest hairstyles on our website.
Of course, we will show you the most beautiful short hairstyles or updos as well as fashion on our beauty and hairstyle trends. You will also find tips about the latest make-up.