How do I meet women on Facebook

Online dating is now taking on new forms. Because it's not just the classic dating sites that are becoming real hotspots for internet-savvy singles. Rather, more and more singles are finding their love happiness on Facebook. But how is that possible and since when has Facebook been functioning as a flirting platform? Officially, Facebook is of course a social network and not a single exchange in the classic sense. However, there are groups on a wide variety of topics on Facebook. In the meantime, singles groups are also taking part in more and more cities. If you want to use Facebook as a further possibility to finally find the man or woman for life, then you should be very careful at this point.

Join single groups on Facebook

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“I've been looking for several weeks. It pays to stay on the ball, no matter how long it takes. "

One advantage of finding a partner on Facebook is that membership there is free and you don't have to take out a subscription, as is usually the case with the major partner exchanges. After all, the search for a partner is not the main function of this social network. While this is a disadvantage in that not all people who have registered as users on Facebook are also looking for a partner, there are just as many people who flirt on Facebook , but would never sign up for a full-fledged online dating site. You would never reach these singles on the big flirt portals on the Internet, while you can certainly meet them on Facebook.

There are several ways in which you can flirt on Facebook. Especially the big ones Single groups are a great way to get in touch with many interesting singles from your area on Facebook. Search, for example, for “Singles in Hamburg” or “Berlin Singles” and you will surely find the right groups on Facebook. Most of the time, these groups are not freely accessible, so you have to apply for membership to the responsible admin first. This can take a few days. There is also an age limit for some groups. In the group “Cologne Singles from 30”, for example, only singles who come from Cologne and the surrounding area and are at least 30 years old flirt.

Tip: In many cities there are several single groups with different numbers of members that could be of interest to you. Feel free to join several groups to get to know as many interesting singles as possible on Facebook. In any case, however, you should join the groups with the largest number of members, as your chances are best with these groups.

Especially the groups that are actively used by the members usually organize regular group meetings where the singles can get to know each other on site. This has the great advantage that you can get to know several singles at once in an informal, relaxed atmosphere without becoming too nervous. Once you have been a member of a singles group on Facebook for a little longer, you can usually propose such meetings yourself. Whether a joint cooking evening, a hike or a photo safari, the possibilities are almost limitless.

So you will probably have a lot of fun at the singles meetings even if you unfortunately do not meet your new dream partner there. If you have just moved to another city, you should also look for the relevant “New to City XY” groups on Facebook. Because in this way you not only get to know new people, but can also hope for a promising flirt. While some Facebook users complain vehemently that the "New to City XY" groups are degenerating more and more into flirting groups, this can be an advantage for you.

Get to know a new love through friends on Facebook

But Facebook can also help you find a partner in other ways. Imagine that at a friend's party you met someone who interests you as a potential partner. Simply speaking to this person at the party will likely be anything but easy for you. Or maybe you shy away from asking your boyfriend or girlfriend for that person's phone number. Fortunately, there is Facebook. Because you can usually find your flirt partner from the last party relatively easily through your mutual friends and send him or her a friend request. So nobody but the person needs to know that you are interested. With the help of the Facebook Messenger you can then exchange messages in peace and quiet and get to know each other better, before you meet up for two.

You should also make sure that you check your “Other” message folder on Facebook from time to time. Because it would be a shame if you overlooked a flirt request from another user just because Facebook does not display it correctly. This can happen if a user writes you a message with whom you are not yet friends. Just scour all of your messages every now and then if you really want to flirt effectively on Facebook.