Why do people hate Virgos so much

Virgo / Virgo
August 24th to September 23rd
Zodiac sign: Movable
Day of the week: Wednesday
Lucky stone: sapphire emerald topaz
Colors: white yellow green olive green
Flowers: verbena hyacinth
Metals: mercury
Fragrance essence: lavender tobacco
Animals: dog swallow

For the Virgo, work is the salt of life. She carries out her tasks with the greatest care. Virgos want to do something meaningful. They proceed in a very organized and structured manner. They abhor chaos and improvisation. Virgos are mind people, they have both feet on the ground. Virgos work purposefully, sensibly, and reliably. They adapt to the work process and the company in the best possible way. Hence, they are the ideal employees. In addition to Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is the third sign of the earth element. While the bull represents fertility and the ibex, the earth that saves the seeds, the virgin represents the harvester. She finishes what others have started. Unlike the lion, she doesn't seek the limelight. She prefers to stay in the background and watch what is happening from a distance. However, their modesty does not prevent them from striving for possessions and values. Your expenses are therefore often very high, also because they attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance. You love expensive creams and a neat wardrobe that suits every occasion. As an apparition, virgins often live up to their names. They all have something pure and clean about them that is very attractive.

The virgin woman

There are more unmarried women born under the sign of Virgo than any other. This is because they seldom find a man who lives up to their standards.

Virgo tends to judge people superficially, that is, according to whether they are neat, appetizing and clean. As a result, she often passes by valuable personalities of both sexes.

If one wants to understand her, one must not regard her as a cold, intelligent person, but must regard her as a woman with great self-control. Her emotions are the same as those of other women, but she curbs them more. Your secret desires usually remain secret.

She tends to be serious and dignified. She is naturally modest and will seldom be caught bragging about her achievements. She has excellent manners and always behaves ladylike except when challenged. In their eyes, if you never offend someone, unless you do it on purpose, you're a lady. In this case one must beware of it. Yes, it's best to take cover. Because she can attack with words that bring even the strongest to their knees.

She thinks highly of self-improvement and further training and tries very hard to improve herself and her position in life. She is particularly interested in literature, music, and painting, and many virgin babies develop apt and astute criticism.

She worries too much. This is partly because she is convinced that she can mentally solve almost any problem. She trusts her intellect more than her intuition, and when faced with a problem, she chews on it like a dog on a meatbone until the shape is clearly visible.

She can be generous, patient, and kind; but it is also very decided - a cool being whose head rules the heart. If she is following a certain path, not even a blow on the head can dissuade her.

Her energy would be enough for two or three, and she tackles every task with the conviction that no one can do it as well as she can. In every undertaking she takes every possible precaution against failure. Like a trapeze artist who works without a net, she needs to know exactly where the other trapeze is waiting for her when she starts her triple somersault through the air.

Your kingdom is the home. Here she rules, and a wise man will let her go. Your apartment looks like nobody lives in it. Every thing must be in its place, and each has its prescribed place. As a smart consumer, she can stretch a coin until it squeaks.

She knows what a man desires. If he does not see it for himself, she will help him analyze the situation. She knows how to analyze. She pursues practical, achievable goals with the right determination and the right pace.

When she gets married, it is usually late in life. She will be a perfect housewife, an excellent mother (though perhaps a little too strict) and an interesting companion to her husband. Sex for her is more a matter of procreation than pleasure, and this can be frustrating because, in general, she is pretty and looks good well into her middle years.

She likes to give small invitations where everything works perfectly, down to the smallest detail. People with bad table manners, carelessly dressed, stain makers and ash spreaders are not invited by her a second time. She excels at intellectual board games.

Their accuracy is just as important at work as it is at home. She is good at arithmetic, and she is the best accountant you can imagine. She's also a brilliant private secretary, especially when the industry accommodates her penchant for advancement. In every position she demands a wage that ensures her independence. If the choice is really difficult, however, she will accept underpaid if she is treated fairly, kindly, and considerately.

As objectively and soberly as she can judge, there is one point where she lets herself be fooled - namely when it comes to her lover. She does not see his flaws and weaknesses. She remains true to the ideal that she has made of him, and her feelings are deeply rooted, even if they are not openly shown.

She likes to treat the man as if he were, in a sense, virgin land to be explored, monitored, developed and improved. She knows her way around the man's psyche, because she has an almost supersensible perception of motivations, and she usually ends up being the mistress of everything she watches over.

She expects everyone to be as clean and tidy as she is. The magic of the celebrated Dr. Samuel Johnson, who once sat at table next to a perfumed, elegant lady. "Doctor Johnson, you smell," remarked the lady. Samuel Johnson, the author of the first English lexicon, was very careful with words; he replied, "No, dear lady, you smell. I smell." If the lady was one of the virgin borns, she certainly wasn't amused. But you can bet that she was a real lady.


The virgin man

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of logical thinking, he has a keen intellect and excels at mental work. He is interested in almost anything if it is beneficial for his personal advancement. The first thing he wants to know from other people is whether they have money and how they handle it. In his opinion, it is a sin to waste money because it is a yardstick by which people can be measured for performance and worth.

Nobody can persuade the Jungfraumann to go on an adventure that involves a risk. An instinct warns him if he gets on thin ice and he just turns back. Perhaps it is not entirely correct to speak of instinct in him. The practical and analytical mind of the Jungfrau man immediately covers the risks with every suggestion. If he says no, he has no idea, but makes a judgment based on facts as he sees them - and no one sees them better. You can rely on your "no" as the last word. For him it doesn't mean "maybe".

When choosing his friends and partners, he allows a fine discernment to prevail. He is rarely wrong. He's sure not to make the same mistake twice. He acts according to the saying: "A burned child shies away from fire."

Since he expects other people to live by his own standards, he is often overly critical. Which is not exactly helpful if you want to make friends or influence women. Nobody likes when their character is examined for the smallest mistake. The Jungfraumann just can't help it! He also finds it difficult to flatter someone. Usually nervous in temperament, he needs a quiet environment to do his best. Hence his preference for fresh air, gymnastics and diet. Maintaining health is sacred to him, as is enough free time to develop the skills that will advance him in life.

For him the woman is a curiosity that has to be investigated, experimented with, petted and petted. As far as sex is concerned, it is just one of the many facets of life, an experience that cannot be overlooked, provided you have the time and desire to do it.

Most bachelors are born under this sign. Virgo men are so busy being perfectionists at work that there is nothing left for romance. You are systematic and conscientious, have a strong sense of responsibility and duty. In the hierarchy of a large company, the young man can often be found as the second man. He is methodical and reliable, but because of his modesty he usually does not get the recognition it deserves.

He is a reliable, clever, hardworking, conscientious worker. If a problem is presented to him, he will usually find the solution. If he takes his time, it's because he's doing a lot of research and gathering information to protect himself against any error. If there is anything he hates, it is to be caught unprepared.

He doesn't wear casual clothes and you will never see him with a shaggy beard. He is just as pedantic about his outward appearance as he is about his speech.

He's not one of the most exciting men a woman can hang out with; but he will make her feel comfortable and happy. He does not play on the scale of passion from alpha to omega, but neither does he demand constant attention, does not put himself in the spotlight, always remains friendly and considerate. Even when challenged, he doesn't lose his temper easily.

When you close the door after an evening spent together, he doesn't put your foot in the way. He waits until he is invited into the bedroom. He is not a hunter but prefers to be the hunted. As a sex partner, he shows perseverance. Other men may be familiar with hectic, quickly ignited passion, but the virgin man is still there when others have long since crash-landed.

In relationships with a woman, he may adopt a fatherly attitude and take a protective interest in her life. He can be an invaluable friend and advisor. If she wants more romance, she has to prepare for a fight. He made a difficult decision to marry, surely only after long deliberations, whether she would be useful as his runner's companion, whether she would have enough money to improve his life, whether she would offer him a comfortable home so that he would be undisturbed in his work can pursue.

For his part, he will offer security, reliability, loyalty. She shouldn't expect great sociability and social hustle and bustle, because that's not his beer. He prefers to spend his free time gardening or reading. She doesn't have to worry about him spending the night in the pub. He is not a society lion.

She will find financial security, but that doesn't mean she will get everything she wants. He likes to hold a coin in his hand and calls this attitude "understanding the value of money". Hard-earned money must not be spent on gimmicks. On the other hand, he doesn't travel second class. All in good time and when the opportunity is right.

He is faithful through and through. The woman he connects with is not betrayed. He plays his cards exactly as they were assigned to him. For him, loyalty is not an empty delusion. But as with many people who profess high morals, his morality can often be traced back to simple desirelessness.

Romantic excitement? No. Security? Yes.

The virgin child

The Virgo child is careful and careful. It doesn't just storm off, it weighs every step carefully. Like all children, it likes to climb scaffolding, but it is content with the lower rungs. If other parents need to stop their offspring, parents of Virgo children need to encourage their little ones to persuade them. You are sensible from an early age and you don't need to worry as a parent. These children need an orderly environment with fixed daily routines and rites. They love to have a story read to them every night before they go to sleep. Don't be surprised if you want it to always be the same story. Fixed rituals give them strength and security.

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