Is Sehun gay

293. Whenever the boys throw their clothes on the floor, D.O. them on

294. Tao can speak Korean worst of all.

295. Kai and Luhan are the laziest.

296. Luhan often behaves like a small child.

297. Sehun likes to eat ddeokbakki as long as it is not spicy.

298. Tao loves black cats.

299. Kai wants a healthy wife.

300. Ever since Kai watched "Shinwah", he wanted to be a singer.

301. Luhan thinks he's the manliest in Exo-M.

302. Suho loves reading a dictionary.

303. Tao's nicknames are Crazy Frog, Kung Fu Panda, and Peach.

304. Xiumin is the leader of the Exo Tver team.

305. In any exo-showtime, follow them to eat.

306. Chanyeol often introduces himself to black horses that he is Nicki Minaj.

207. Lay always packs perfume, cosmetics and a comb in his bag.

208. Chen usually walks around with a gossip.

209. Because Kris has the best taste, he gives tips to the others.

210. Xiumin pays great attention to details.

211. D.O. hates doing aegyo.

212. D.O. once wanted to be a hairdresser, but none of his members would like to have their hair done by him.

213. Kai chose D.O, Sehun and Baekhyun as best dancers (next to him)

by Exo-K.

214. Lay has a lot of respect for other people.

215. Kai has the habit of biting or touching his lip.

216. Chanyeol has the widest shoulder and D.O. has the narrowest.

217. After getting up, Kris cannot distinguish between Suho and Chen or Luhan and Sehun.

218.DO thinks that the Chinese members are the most innocent.

219. Chinese fans call Luhan "Lulu".

220. Most of the friends Luhan had at school were girls.

221. Chanyeol hopes that one day he will be able to advertise toothpaste or medicine chewing gum.

222. While those from Exo-M clean up their room themselves, those from Exo-K always play against each other and the loser can clean up.

223. Sehun is afraid of being alone in the elevator.

224. Suho only knows how to cook ready-made ramen.

225. Exo-K is afraid of Tiffany (SNSD).

226. Baekhyun is the most perverted, while Kai is the "most innocent".

227. Kai's room was full of Michael Jackson things.

228. Chanyeol loves to see how childlike Baekhyun can be, so he annoys Baekhyun too.

229. Baekhyun's best friend in elementary school is gay and now owns a famous restaurant in L.A.

230. Kris wants to travel all over the world to see new things and people in other countries.

231. Exo wants to travel wherever its fans live.