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Islamism: Islamism hates everything that is sacred to the left


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Is Kevin Kühnert right? Is Islamism the Left's Blind Spot? Are there "right" and "wrong" victims and perpetrators "in left-wing worldviews", as he wrote after the Islamist murder of Samuel Paty? Many leftists would indignantly reject this allegation. It is precisely for this reason that the Juso boss deserves credit for addressing this unpopular topic. After the Islamist terrorist attack in Nice, his text has become even more topical. And so that it is clear: it is not only leftists who have a problem with Islamism. But also liberals like me: globalists who advocate immigration and multiculturalism, reject nationalism and racism.

Internationalist left and liberals are natural allies when it comes to defending against nativist or identitarian positions. And both have a problem because Islamism - another globalist but reactionary ideology - seems to agree that the nativists and identitarians are right. To break it down to the emotional level: After the attack on the synagogue in Halle, I breathed a sigh of relief when it became clear that the perpetrator was a right-wing extremist and not a Muslim. A shameful reaction, but I would be very wrong to be alone with this relief.

The theory behind Islamist practice

Sometimes I even have the impression that my friends on the left are secretly happy about the rise of the New Right. The fronts are clear, the symbols and slogans are already ready: No pasaran!

Islamism as an ideology is simply clerical fascism: anti-democratic, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-Jewish, anti-science, anti-lust, and in essence anti-life. Everything that is sacred to leftists and liberals is despised by Islamism. Everything that leftists and liberals hate is sacred to Islamism. In his eyes, we are all candidates for the gallows or the shot in the neck.

Kühnert says: "If the political left no longer wants to leave the fight against Islamism to racists and semi-silly amateur Islam researchers, then it must finally deal thoroughly with this ideology as its blind spot."

Exactly. One must not only reject the terror of the Islamists, one must deal with their ideology. Because every practice has a theory. Words have consequences. Thoughts can kill. We know that from racism and anti-Semitism, from fascism and communism. It is no different with Islamism.

Germans a "mutt terrace"?

If, however, almost half of the 2,800 mosques in Germany are controlled either by the Turkish religious authority Ditib - the extended arm of Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan - or by Millî Görüş, who is still to the right of Erdoğan's AKP; So if Islamism is not just a matter of online chat groups - although they are dangerous enough - and backyard mosques, but is officially present in thousands of mosques, then the demarcation of Islamism from Islam is not as easy as we liberals and leftists would like it to be . So we, who want to defend our Muslim friends and the ideal of a multicultural society against the attacks of the right.

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How much identity culturalism should one endure in the name of multiculturalism? As a liberal, I defend many things that I don't like: slaughter and circumcision, the headscarf and even the bad habit of not shaking hands with women. But when a member of the Turkish Parents' Association in Hamburg describes the Germans as a "mutt terrace", I have crossed a line. Everyone may consider their religion to be the only true one, and their people to be special. But racism remains racism.