What happens when I flush the toilet

Actually, going to the toilet always ends the same way: with the flushing. But watch out: not flushing after using the toilet is much more hygienic than not doing it.

Studies show that flushing causes many small particles of toilet water to be distributed in the bathroom.

Toilet water carries germs into the bathroom

These particles are mixed with many germs and faecal bacteria and thus not only get into the bathroom, but are also taken outside from there.

If the bacteria get into the bathroom, E-Coli bacteria in particular can also be spread, which cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Flush with the lid closed

If you do flush, it should always be done with a closed lid. Then the bacteria won't come out.

But there is also another reason not to flush: the sound of flushing makes people more alert.

Noise caused by washing up causes poor sleep

This means that if you have to go to the toilet at night and then have problems falling asleep again, then in future you should refrain from flushing at night and only flush the next morning.

Even if it seems disgusting: urine is considered very clean. It is not for nothing that the liquid is used for medicinal purposes in some cases.

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