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Protect your logo: does it make sense or not?

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A logo is not infrequently that Figurehead of a company and contributes significantly to the Recognition value of a product or service. It is therefore not surprising that companies have a great interest in their To protect logo and thereby prevent possible product piracy.

FAQ on the subject of "Protect your logo"

How can a logo be protected?

A logo as a graphic can fall under copyright law. There is also the option of having a logo registered as a trademark.

How can I tell that a logo is protected?

If you would like to have a logo protected, you should carry out a so-called trademark research in advance. In the DPMA database you can see applied, registered and rejected German trademarks.

What happens if I use protected logos?

If a company decides to have a logo protected by the DPMA, it receives the exclusive right to this label. If you bring products or services with an identical symbol or a protected word mark into circulation, there may be a trademark infringement. This usually results in a warning including a declaration of discontinuance.

Have your logo legally protected: How does it work?

The Protection for a logo usually takes place via the Registration as a trademark at the DPMA. Experts speak at one of these graphic element mostly from one Figurative mark. Connects the logo Characters and graphics, however, is a so-called Word / figurative mark in front.

So that you a Protect your logo can, however, must concrete requirements fulfill. This is how brands must basically distinctive and it can't just be one pure description trade the product or service.

This is the case with the word, for example "Hairdryer" around one protected brand nameswhich is why the competition called similar products Hairdryer designated. However, this designation could be used under trademark law not protect, since this is only a Description of the product acts.

In addition, you can get one logo only get protected if this graphically representable is. Because according to German law is a pure protection of ideas is not possible.

Protect your logo: What are the costs?

Make up your mind to do so Protect logo to drop by Patent office for registration in principle costs at. These are at least included 290 euros. Through the Entry in the trademark register get for ten years the exclusive right for the commercial use of the label.

Would you like the logo Furthermore you can protect the Term of the property right unlimited for a period of ten years each extend. However, there is one for it Renewal fee which at at least 750 euros lies.

Additional costs can also arise when you have a Trademark law attorney with the registration or the exam order the necessary documents.

Draws your logo through special degree of creativity and individuality off, this can be used as a Work of art also under that copyright fall. If the necessary criteria are met, there is the possibility of a Copyright protect logo allow. This is free, because registration or official filing is not necessary for copyright protection.

Protect your logo - short and compact

To a logo before the Recovery Protecting third parties is one Registration as a trademark possible at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). The trademark law gives you the exclusive rights for use in a commercial setting. Under certain requirements a logo can also be the copyright subject.

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Protect your logo: does it make sense or not?
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