Are fish eaters vegetarians

Too embarrassing to ask: Are vegetarians allowed to eat fish?

One thing is clear: vegetarians do not eat meat, but are they allowed to eat fish? We investigate the question in this home article.

Vegetarian lifestyle: is fish consumption allowed?

The vegetarian diet is based on the consumption of plant-based foods. There are different variants of vegetarianism, in which one eats differently depending on the severity. In contrast to the vegan diet, foods that come from animals, such as eggs and dairy products, are generally allowed. Can vegetarians then also eat fish?

  • If someone eats fish who is otherwise vegetarian, then this is one of the so-called pescetarians. Although they do not eat meat, they do eat fish and seafood.
  • The pescetarians are often assigned to the vegetarians, but their lifestyle is regarded by numerous associations at best as a diet similar to that of vegetarians.
  • So if you are vegetarian, you don't eat meat or fish. Otherwise, it is not a vegetarian, but a pescetarian.

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