Why was General Lee accused of treason

Charges against ex-Confederates in the Confederate States of America after the war

Not tried for treason, and the other answers already describe it. But Lee and Jefferson Davis were not covered by President Johnson's general amnesty. I remember 1976 when President Jimmy Carter Lee returned his citizenship. I was a schoolmate with a Lee descendant. We also shared our class with a Grant offspring, but unlike my friend Robbie E. Lee V, she didn't use her offspring. Robbie was a fourth grader who was called to the Whitehouse and witnessed Georgia President Jimmy Carter sign an order to restore Lee's citizenship. My friend was interviewed on the local Washington DC television station that evening. Jimmy Carter did the same for Jefferson Davis a few years later (1978). Both Lee and Davis died, denied citizenship rights in the United States.

Restoration of citizenship rights to Jefferson F. Davis
Declaration of signature SJ Res. 16 into law.
17th October 1978

With the posthumous restoration of full citizenship rights for Jefferson Davis, Congress officially closes the long process of reconciliation that has reunited our people after the tragic conflict between the states. Previously, he was expressly exempt from resolutions that restored the rights of other Confederation officials . He had served the United States long and honorably as a soldier, member of the US House of Representatives and Senate, and Secretary of War. General Robert E. Lee's citizenship was restored in 1976. It is appropriate that Jefferson Davis is no longer selected for punishment.

Our nation must eliminate the guilt, hostility and accusations of the past in order to finally calm the divisions that threatened to destroy our nation and to discredit the principles on which it was founded. Our employees must pay their attention to the important tasks that lie ahead in order to establish these principles for all people.

Source:American presidential project

Lee also had his primary residence confiscated by the Union for failing to pay his property taxes during the Civil War. The amount Lee owed was $ 92.07 for the 1,100-acre riverside plantation overlooking the nation's capital. It is now the home of the Arlington National Cemetery . The federal government settled Lee's ancestors in 1880 when a Supreme Court decision returned property and 6,000 union graves to the Lee family. Robert E. Lee died ten years earlier in October 1870.