Indiana was a confederate state

Confederate monuments brought down.

During the ongoing BLM protests against the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, numerous Confederation monuments were overturned, destroyed or removed by the relevant administrations across the United States.

Angry citizens threw the statue of the Confederate naval captain and city founder Charles Linn from its pedestal on May 31 in Birmingham, Alabama. TheConfederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument They did not succeed in overthrowing it in 1905, but the mayor of the city had it removed the next day. The administration threatens for this in the sense of Alabama Memorial Preservation Acts a fine of $ 25,000, which she is willing to pay.

On June 1, the so-called also became illegal in Alexandria (Virginia) Appomattox- Removed the statue dedicated to the city's Confederate soldiers. In downtown Fort Myers, Florida, a bust of Robert E. Lee had to make way, while in Montgomery, Alabama, a statue of the general was overturned and badly damaged. Bentonville, Arkansas announced the removal of the Bentonville Confederate Monument at.

On June 2, Athens, Georgia, Norfolk, Virginia and Rocky Mountain (N. Carolina) also decided to remove Confederate monuments.

On June 3, the statue of the Italian-American police chief and ex-mayor Frank Rizzo (Democrats) was removed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rizzo (1920-1991) was notorious for his authoritarian police strategy and for his racist views. On the same day, Richmond (capital of Virginia) announced the removal of four statues from the Monument Avenue of the city, while the state governor promised to remove a Lee monument from state property "as soon as possible."

On June 4, Indianapolis (Indiana capital) announced the demolition of the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monuments at.

Yesterday June 5th, Fredericksburg, Virginia moved a historic slave auction block from downtown to the local museum. Mobile, Alabama, had a statue of Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes removed, while Nashville, capital of Tennessee, decided to demolish a statue of Sam Davis.

It is to be expected that further measures of this kind will be announced or implemented today.

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Published by Simon Constantinion 6th June 2020. Last update on 13th August 2020.