Why is Emily Ratajkowski so popular

Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid & Co .: Body War on Instagram

Competitive pressure on the internet: "The thinner, the more popular"

The competition among the international top models has always been brutal, but Instagram has increased the pressure tenfold,

soAri Emanuel. The boss of the renowned Model agency IMG is very worrying about developments in recent years. Because if you want to be successful in the industry, you have to above all have a lot of fans on the net. And to get that the models are literally starving to compete. True to the motto: "The thinner, the more popular"! The result: Instagram becomes the most dangerous and powerful Catalyst of eating disorders.

Because like yourself Emily Ratajkowski & Co. present there, imitate millions of followers, some of them underage. The result: The number of anorexics has doubled since 2000!"Social media also influences us negatively", confirms "Germanys Next Top Model" winner and influencer Stefanie Giesinger (3.3 million followers).

So many women no longer feel comfortable in their bodies because Instagram and other social media convey that they have to be thin or fit. But not everyone looks or can achieve it. "

Starving for likes

According to one sshocking study of the University of Pittsburgh, regular social media users are 2.2 times more likely to worry about their own body image than people who do not have an Instagram profile. Psychologist Andreas Schnebel, Chairman of the association Anad, who cares for people with eating disorders, sees the trend with concern: "In reality, only five to ten percent of girls look like the Instagram ideals. And that then leads to the fact that these girls find each other hideous because they have a wider pelvis or more buttocks, for example, and cannot achieve their ideal at all", he says.

Morbid starvation is rewarded with likes. Influencers' sense of responsibility is also on a diet.

The models pose so emaciated on Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski, 27

Just water and fruit - The model influencer does not allow herself anything else with mini measurements.

You need to eat more. Hit the gym and get some abs instead. That looks a lot better

a follower comments on the lean picture of the model.

Gigi Hadid, 23

The top model doesn't eat anything after 2 p.m.

Bella Hadid, 21

Gigi's little sister already gets regular vitamin infusions and weighs only 47 kilos at 1.75 meters.

Stella Maxwell, Jan.

"That is me on a diet all year round", admits the British model.

Kendall Jenner, 22

Strictly monitored: Just one meal a day comes on the table with the Kardashian chick.

Elsa Hosk, 29

Their emaciated body she prefers to show it without textiles.

Izabel Goulart, 33

Diet shakes instead of solid foods: This is how you make it to Lean body.



Comment from Meike Rhoden: "I'm getting sick"

Yes, I also watch my diet, but no, I am not a fan of the torture look. Super flat stomach, miles of legs, thigh gap, ab crack, bikini bridge: which sucker trend is next? The intravenous supply of nutrients ?! That only drives teens into eating disorders!


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