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Annual ring game operation

With the data on the relay division for the association games of the new season and the framework schedule - from which the dates for team games, championships and ranked tournaments are derived - the clubs clarify with their communities that the required hall times are also available for the scheduled home game dates. The clubs make preparations with regard to the permitted types of ball (depending on the division, feather and plastic balls).

In May / June, the Badminton NRW eligibility office arranges for the clubs to review the existing eligibility to play. Each club reports back all changes (name changes / deletions). For new players who are to be used in game operations in the coming season and who are not yet authorized to play, the authorization to play will be applied for immediately. All new applications / changes must be applied for by the clubs via the Badminton NRW service module. In this service module, the current status of the game authorizations can be queried at any time in an overview. There you can also read the player ID, which must be given in all reports to the association.

In all game classes, including youth, all games are scheduled for Saturday on the association side. In the leagues from the Oberliga upwards, double game days (Saturday / Sunday) can also be scheduled.

Individual relocations are possible in accordance with the rules of the game rules (SpO), depending on the type and time of the relocation with or without the consent of the opponent. Other times, other halls, relocation from Saturday to Sunday or to appointments outside the scheduled weekend are possible. The exact regulations can be found in the SpO.

A team fight consists of 2 HD, 1 DD, 3 HE, 1 DE and 1 GD. Any number of men and women can be used. If it is not possible to compete in full, it must be noted that so many players who are eligible to play must be set up that at least five games can be set up, two of them with women participating. From the Verbandsliga (O19) onwards, all eight games must be played. In the mini-teams, two doubles and four singles are played regardless of gender, for deviations see youth game regulations (JSpO).

All club and hall addresses are published in a special issue of the BR and in the latest news. Now you know in which halls the association games are played and who the clubs are to contact with regard to game rescheduling. The address directory for the game operation names the relay supervisors (STB) and the district committees. Immediately notify the district warden (BW) or district youth warden (BJW) of any necessary withdrawals by teams so that they can organize successors if necessary. Clarify with the BW or BJW (not with the STB or other offices) any ambiguities or questions about the graduation. You can find out all changes compared to the original graduation from the BR and our service module.

The clubs check and update their access data (password / email addresses) at When the game is rescheduled, they enter the individual game dates themselves as soon as they are known (regardless of whether you are the home or visiting team). Please note that relocations without consent can usually be carried out via, additional e-mails or letters (registered mail) are no longer absolutely necessary. Details can be found in the SpO or the information in the BR.

Contact details of the teams can and should be changed, added or deleted by the clubs themselves (with the club login) via the team page at It is no longer possible to report the team contact via association offices.