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Advantages and disadvantages of a RAMDisk

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On some pages, RAMDisks are currently being traded hot or made palatable to the user. They should be a lot faster than SSDs.
That is really correct, but you cannot simply rebuild everything and only use RAM disks. The following advantages and disadvantages show what a RAMDisk can and cannot be used for.

A RAM disk has a clear plus in terms of speed. It uses the main memory, which nowadays (DDR3) can read or write approx. 7-11 GB / s. This is amazing and it is the fastest memory in a computer.
For example, if you want to take a quick look at a file that may contain a virus or something similar, the RAMDisk is very useful. You don't even need an anti-virus program to remove the file, you just have to restart the computer. All files are deleted and you have no problem with a virus.
With the right configuration you can, for example, simply redirect all cache folders to the RAMDisk and thus, in a simple but efficient way, relieve the actual system hard drive, which no longer has to load these files.

A RAMDisk is obtained from the RAM, i.e. the main memory, but it is limited accordingly. You should only miss a RAM disk with more than 1 GB if you have 12 GB or more RAM available.
The main memory is also not a storage medium like a hard drive. Data is actually only temporarily stored here because it is used over and over again or because it needs to be accessed quickly. Every time you restart your computer, you start again from scratch, the RAM is empty.
The RAMDisk itself or its driver must also be started at each system start, so you can't hope for an acceleration at the start, rather the opposite will happen. It is only there to speed up the operation of the computer, not to get it started.
Due to the additional load, such as many cache files or similar that are loaded onto the RAM disk, the main memory is used even more and sometimes in a way for which it was not designed, namely for final storage . As a result, it can very well be possible that it is defective sooner and you have to buy a new one.

As you can see, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the RAMDisk. Ultimately, it depends on the user whether he needs or can use it or whether it is too dangerous for him.
For anyone who has a normal mechanical hard drive, I can only recommend a RAM disk for the cache of e.g. browsers, for owners of an SSD I consider it superfluous.

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