What makes Canada great

Round trips in Canada

There is great things to discover in a large country: Canada is a country with many facets - and is therefore ideal for a round trip.

2 weeks tour of Canada

You should only commit yourself to a small part of the country on a two-week round trip in Canada. Metropolises and nature can also be wonderfully combined with one another on small round trips. To increase your range, you can also only drive one route and take off from another airport.

Classic round trips in Canada for two weeks are, for example, from Vancouver to Vancouver Island and back, in the north to Alaska and to Whitehorse, here preferably in combination with a ship passage through the Inside Passage or into the Rocky Mountains. From Toronto back through Algonquin Park to Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City. And from Halifax through the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

3 weeks tour of Canada

You can explore the same areas on a three-week round trip in Canada. However, you can take more time and drive a little further to remote areas. A trip through the lonely provinces and territories of Canada is also better with three weeks time. So you can explore and enjoy the rugged wilderness of the Northwest Territory and / or the Yukon Territory.

4 weeks tour of Canada

If you have four weeks to go on a round trip in Canada, you are spoiled for choice. A drive on the Trans-Canada-Highway is still not advisable, but otherwise you can immerse yourself very deeply in the beauty of the country and combine several regions with each other. A road trip with longer stops is definitely worth it!

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