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1940s fashion

In the 1940s, fashion was not given too much emphasis at first, as people in the war years had far more problems to solve than thinking about fashion. At least in the war years, people were happy if they had any clothes at all. But at the beginning of the 1940s it was observed that fashion had adapted very much to that of the 1930s and not really changed much. The ladies in particular liked to have broad shoulders and the skirts were no longer quite as long, but rather went down to the knees. The tops, on the other hand, were very high-necked and that hasn't changed in the entire decade.

When the war years came, women made their own tailoring for austerity and other reasons. Clothing that had been worn by the family was sewn, cut apart and changed into completely different items of clothing. Fabrics from multiple garments were combined to serve a purpose and not look fashionable. Even shoes were changed, the main thing was that they could be used again. But only 3 years after the war, interest in fashion began again. At the time, petticoat skirts were popular, but they were hardly affordable. Mostly only women of the upper class could afford these skirts and everyone else simply put on a tight-fitting blouse with narrow sheath skirts. So these women also set a trend and were considered fashion-conscious.

At that time, broad shoulders were again less important, but at the time they did not want to do without hats. For others, large hats embodied a sign of prosperity, which, especially in the post-war years, many women attached great importance to and were not afraid to show it when they were actually wealthy. The fashion among children also hardly changed from the fashion of the 30s. Here, too, during the war years, the mothers tailored a few pieces of clothing for their children from all different types of fabric. The main thing here was not fashion, but the purpose. Smaller children wore the clothes of their siblings or were given clothes that they had made themselves. In the post-war years, however, children still did not wear any changed fashion, only the high-necked collar gradually disappeared, as was generally the case with women and men.

At the end of the 1940s, good clothing and appearance were again very important to everyone. Women became bolder, tight skirts and narrow waists became popular. One just wanted to forget the war years and dress happier again and, above all, be considered fashion-conscious.

In terms of hairstyle, not much had changed. The women wore their hair long, but the ears had to be kept free. During the war years, they wore a functional hairnet, which became a trend by the late 1940s. Hairnets and headscarves were worn as headdresses.

Even today, the fashion of the 1940s is back in fashion and you can discover it more and more. Colorful tight dresses combined with great belts and big hats are more and more popular. Following the example of a fashion-conscious woman from the 40s.

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