Are motor oil and cooking oil interchangeable?

Changing the engine oil - you should pay attention to this

Without engine oil, nothing runs smoothly with a mechanical drive: Mechanical components would be worn out after a short time. But the oil itself also wears out over time and requires regular oil changes. However, there are a few things to consider.

When should you change the oil?

The reason that motor oil loses its lubricity at some point is natural oil aging, as the ADAC reports. In the process, the so-called additives are broken down, i.e. additives that improve the properties of the oil. Soiling, for example from dust or soot, also affects the quality of the engine oil. When an oil change is due depends on the year of construction of the car and the vehicle model. As a rule, you should completely replace the oil every 15,000 to 30,000 kilometers driven. For the exact replacement interval, note the information in the operating instructions for your car. It is also advisable to measure the oil level every 1,000 kilometers and, if necessary, top it up to the recommended level.

Which engine oil is right for your car?

A wide variety of different engine oils are available on the market. Note that under no circumstances should you grab hold of the cheap or the most expensive oil. The ADAC warns that the decisive factor here is also the recommendation made by the vehicle manufacturer. If you do not adhere to this, you may even lose your guarantee. Before you decide on an engine oil with confusing specifications such as SAE, API or ACEA, take a look at the service booklet and compare the information on safety with that on the oil container, advises the ADAC.

Do you change the oil yourself or do it in the workshop?

You can have an oil change carried out by experts in any garage. In this case, you don't need to pay much attention either, as an auto mechanic will take care of everything. Since the engine oil itself can be very expensive, it can be worthwhile to change the oil yourself. To do this, you have to loosen the oil drain plug, which is located at the lowest point of the oil pan. Make sure you collect the oil in an absolutely tight container to avoid any damage to the environment. Don't forget to also replace the oil filter on this occasion. This filters dirt out of the oil and thus additionally minimizes the wear and tear of mechanical components. By the way, you can dispose of the used oil at petrol stations when you buy new engine oil.