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Trump is back in the election campaign : "I feel strong, I feel great"

US President Donald Trump, who had Covid-19, entered the election campaign on Saturday after returning to the White House from a hospital stay. In front of a few hundred supporters on the lawn of his official residence, the president spoke about “law and order” - one of his key campaign topics. Trump stood on a balcony above his audience.

The US President warned strongly against a victory for his challenger Joe Biden. The Democrat is not able to rule the country, said the Republican Trump. Biden's program was “socialist” or even “communist” and would plunge the country into crisis, Trump claimed in front of hundreds of cheering supporters. "I feel great," Trump called out to the crowd.

In an interview broadcast on Friday (local time) with the medical expert from "Fox News", Marc Siegel, Trump claims to be healthy again. "I feel really good, I feel very strong," says Trump. Many people who had the "China virus" didn't feel so good afterwards, but he felt "very, very strong".

When he was hospitalized, he “didn't feel very strong,” says the US president. He had no breathing problems. “But I didn't feel vital. I didn't feel the way the President of the United States should feel, ”Trump continues.

Trump praises the doctors who “came from everywhere”. “It's good to be president,” he continues. He was also lucky with the medication. "It was like a miracle," says Trump. He felt a lot better after just 24 hours. "I could have left the hospital much earlier," says the US President. "I wanted out after the first day."

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Trump was treated, among other things, with an experimental antibody cocktail from the biotech company Regeneron. He is now speaking of a “cure” for Covid and promises to make the drug available to Americans free of charge, which he repeats in the interview. “We'll send it to everyone,” he says.

The antibody cocktails developed by at least two manufacturers have not yet been approved and will only be available in relatively small numbers for the foreseeable future. According to critics, Trump is now promoting the drug as a miracle weapon to distract from his government's failure to contain the pandemic before the election.

It is still unclear whether the president is still contagious. Trump says in the interview that he has been tested, but has not yet received the values. But it is virus-free or "at the lower end of the scale", claims Trump. He also doesn't get any more medication, "probably for eight hours or something like that," he says. It was the first time since the illness that Trump was seen on TV for a long time. He had previously given telephone interviews.

Trump's personal physician Sean Conley announced on Thursday that the president would be allowed to hold public appointments again from Saturday. According to official information, he had tested positive on October 1. Trump says in the TV interview that he was temporarily diagnosed with a congestion in the lungs - personal physician Conley had previously only spoken of "expected findings" when asked about it.

Another “superspreader event” at the White House?

The participants in the White House masks event wore masks but kept no distance from one another. In recent weeks, Trump's numerous campaign appearances were noticed because many of the viewers neither wore face masks nor kept the recommended distance.

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It was similar at an event in the White House garden on September 26, at which lawyer Amy Coney Barrett was introduced as Trump's candidate for the Supreme Court. Various participants then tested positive. Trump and his wife Melania could also have been infected there. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, for example, was in the hospital until Saturday. The renowned US immunologist Anthony Fauci spoke of a "superspreader event" in the White House.

Trump had previously announced an election campaign appearance in Florida for Saturday evening. According to reports, this could not be organized at such short notice. Now the trip has been announced for Monday. Florida is one of the important states for the presidential election on November 3rd. Trump is currently behind his challenger Joe Biden in polls.

Trump and Biden will not meet again for a TV duel until the 22nd

The second Trump and Biden TV debate planned for next week has now been officially canceled. The opponents should meet as planned on October 22nd, as the organizers announced on Friday. Both sides have agreed for this date.

Planning for the October 15 debate got mixed up when Trump contracted Covid-19. The commission announced on Thursday that it would hold the debate online instead of bringing the candidates together in one room.

Trumps canceled his participation, Biden scheduled a question time with voters. Trump's campaign advisor Jason Miller said on Friday that Trump would also ask voters' questions that day - on several TV channels. The commission organizing the debates pointed out that the candidates had other plans. (dpa, Tsp)

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