Why is the police in uniform?

Green Week : Why didn't the police want to be green anymore?

In 1974, green was considered modern. Police cars were repainted nationwide, new uniforms were tailored (the ones with the terrible light brown trousers). Police cars in Berlin had previously been blue, and the proof is easy: “Mariannenplatz was blue, there were so many cops”, Rio Reiser shouted in 1972 in the “Rauch-Haus-Song”, in which clay stones shards the occupation of the recently closed Sing about Kreuzberg Bethanien Hospital.

A few weeks before the start of Green Week on January 24, 1975, the first 18 green and white beetles chugged through West Berlin. The body is white, all moving parts, i.e. doors and hoods, are green. In about ten years, it was thought in 1974, the police would be completely green. That was a mistake, as we know today. Until recently, blue crew cars and special vehicles could be seen in the old blue.

Europe's police officers should become uniform

On the other hand, they said goodbye to the green sooner than once thought. Europe should become uniform police forces, it was decided in Brussels, in blue. Hamburg was a pioneer at the turn of the millennium, Berlin returned to blue in 2009.

However, this did not require so much expensive repainting. Because now patrol cars are leased. Since private people are not supposed to drive around in a police look (the Kreuzberg law firm Hoenig managed to get a green "tub", a police van), the cars were no longer painted, but covered with green foil.

They could easily be removed, so the second color change was all about: green foil down, blue up. But there will still be a few green weeks before the last green police car in Berlin is taken out of service.

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