How much do doctors make in Quebec

Canadian doctors oppose a raise

More than 700 general practitioners and specialists have signed a petition - they don't want to earn more, but that more money is invested in staff and care.

Canada's doctors are fighting against their earnings situation: As the British broadcaster "CNN" reports, doctors have petitioned against a pay rise. The background: According to an agreement with the administration of Quebec, the doctors in the province should receive 700 million dollars more pay. The doctors protest against this and speak out in favor of the money being used elsewhere.

Specifically, the signatories of the petition demand that the financial resources be used to hire more nursing staff and to help patients with the costs of the respective medical care. The $ 700 million would mean an increase of 1.4 percent for the province's 10,000 doctors.

"These increases are all the more shocking because our nurses, office workers and other professionals are faced with very difficult working conditions, while our patients have been denied access to the services they need due to the drastic cuts in recent years," it said. "The only thing that seems immune is our salary," CNN quotes.

The petition has been open since February 25, and it is said to have been signed by more than 700 general practitioners and specialists.

Minister: "Then they should leave the money lying around"

Quebec Health Secretary Gaetan Barrette said that if doctors don't want the money there is another use for it: "If you feel overpaid, just leave it on the table. I guarantee that it will be used well will find. "

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