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You don't want to wait forever for the continuation of "365 Days"? Netflix provides the ideal replacement program thanks to the following five films.

  • "365 Days" turned out to be a cinematic surprise hit on Netflix *.
  • For several weeks, the romance stayed in the top 10 of the streaming service.
  • However, Netflix offers countless other films that fans of "365 Days" might like.

The Polish drama "365 Days" divided Netflix users in recent weeks: While many viewers were absolutely delighted with the romance (see also our survey at the bottom), others are outraged by the plot. Too many women stereotypes should be creator Blanka Lipinska have picked up. At the same time, the romanticization of kidnapping causes displeasure.

Nonetheless it turned out "365 Days" as a real Netflix hit that stayed in the top 10 of the streaming service for several weeks. Accordingly, the romance should get a second part, which is also necessary to clarify all the open questions about the final scene.

By the way, anyone looking for a replacement program in the meantime will open Netflix Find it quickly: The following five films could be fans of "365 Days" like. They also contain a good deal of love, passion and one or the other slippery scene.

"Secretary" - The slightly different "Fifty Shades of Gray"

Netflix offers "Fifty Shades of Gray" does not indicate, which is why the film series is not on this list. However, you can order all parts of the films and books (promotional link) cheaply on Amazon.

Terrifying similarities to the story of the author Sam Taylor-Johnson Incidentally, the film shows "Secretary" With Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader (also known from "The Blacklist"). In the drama, lawyer E. Edward Gray (Spader) takes pleasure in the submissive behavior of his secretary Lee Holloway (Gyllenhaal). The two eventually enter into a more intimate relationship, which soon turns out to be a blessing and a curse.

"Shame" - tragic brother-sister story

The 2011 drama is much more dramatic "Shame", that of the mid-30s Brandon (Michael Fassbender) tells. He starts churning out relationships with different women, but doesn't want to get involved in a steady relationship with one of his partners. As his Sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) suddenly moves in with him, his life begins to go awry.

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"Oh, Ramona" - weird coming-of-age story

Do you love coming-of-age films that can also be a little more raunchy? Then "Oh, Ramona!" just right for you. At the center of the Romanian drama is Andrei (Bogdan Iancu)who searches in vain for a steady girlfriend during his school days. As fate would have it, two potential candidates suddenly show interest in him - one of them is Ramona (Aggy K. Adams), the most popular and attractive girl in the entire school.

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"Newness" - A drama that makes you think

"Newness" is also considered a slightly more dramatic candidate on this list. Start in the movie Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa) After several dates, a steady relationship, which also runs harmoniously at the beginning. After arguments, however, the two agree to have an open relationship so that they can continue to meet new people. However, this apparent approach creates more problems than expected.

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"White Girl" - film with a pinch of "Breaking Bad" and "We children from Bahnhof Zoo"

How do you think the youth in New York live? "White Girls" gives an answer and shows the darkest sides of life in the big city. The protagonist Leah (Morgan Saylor) soon becomes involved in criminal activity after falling in love with a drug dealer. (soa) * tz.de is part of the Ippen central network.

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