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Josefine Lietzau
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Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau is an editor in the Bank & Investments team. During her studies in German and English, she worked for the editorial offices of the Green League, the Jüdische Zeitung and the Superillu. After completing her master's degree, Josefine Lietzau completed an internship at the online consumer portals Banktip and Posttip, where she then worked as an editor.

  • Amazon offers its customers their own credit card.
  • Whether you have to pay an annual fee depends on whether you participate in the company's “Amazon Prime” subscription service. The card is free of charge for Prime customers; a fee is charged for all others from the second year onwards.
  • The Amazon credit card is a Visa card with a partial payment function. So you can repay your card debt in installments - but with high interest rates.
  • When you pay with the card, you collect bonus points that you can use for purchases on Amazon.
  • As a Prime customer, consider whether you need the Amazon credit card: The card is free, but if you withdraw money from your credit limit or use installment payments, you pay high fees and interest.
  • On the other hand, you get 3 cents of every euro you spend on Amazon refunded as shopping credit.
  • If you are not a Prime customer, you have to spend 1,000 euros on Amazon in order to recoup the annual fee through the bonus program. In addition, you only receive 2 cents per euro spent as credit.
  • You can find credit cards with more favorable conditions in the credit card guide.

Amazon doesn't just have books, DVDs, groceries and other products in its range. The mail-order company is also trying to retain customers through financial products and, together with Landesbank Berlin (LBB), offers one Credit card from Visa on. Amazon advertises Perkswhen customers pay a lot with their Visa card. In most cases, however, it is one of the ones recommended by Finanztip Standard credit cards with good conditions the better choice.

What does Amazon's Visa card cost?

The cost of the Amazon Visa card depends on your customer status. The company treats customers of its subscription service "Prime" with the Credit card conditions better: Amazon does not charge an annual fee in this case. You have to remember, however, that you already Fees for your Prime membership pay, either 7.99 euros a month or 69 euros a year.

For non-members, the Amazon credit card is only free for the first year, regardless of whether it is the main card or a partner card. Then fall from the second year annual fees at. Scarcely 20 euros for the main card and 10 euros for the partner card.

For card payments outside the euro zone, the fee for paying in a foreign currency is 1.75 percent. When withdrawing both at home and abroad, it will be the same really expensive. Then they pay 3 percent of the turnover, but at least 5 euros abroad and even 7.50 euros in Germany. Withdrawal is only free of charge if you deposit credit into your card account in advance, i.e. do not use the credit card's credit limit at all.

Overall, the Amazon credit cards are significantly more expensive than the best free credit cards.

The most important costs with the Amazon Visa card

Annual fee for Amazon Visa card
(not applicable in the first year)
19,99 €
Annual fee for Amazon Prime Visa card0 €
Debit interest14.98% effective per year
Cash withdrawals from the credit limit3% of sales, at least 5 € (abroad)
or € 7.50 (domestic)
Withdrawals entirely from funds0 €
Foreign currency fee outside the euro zone1.75% of sales

Source: website of the provider (as of April 8, 2021)

Another cost factor is the interest payments that are due when you use the partial payment function. Amazon credit cards are "Revolving" cards. This means that you do not have to pay off your debts completely every month, you can also pay them off inPay off installments.

We advise against it. Because this method of payment is actually always expensive with such cards. With the Visa card from Amazon, debit interest is effectively 14.98 percent per year. Even the otherwise expensive overdraft facility is cheaper with many current accounts. It is therefore better that thePay the bill in one fell swoop. To do this, you transfer the outstanding amount to the card account or let the provider collect the balance in full.

You can specify the latter directly when you apply for the card. Then set the percentage rate to "100 percent" in the section on monthly invoice settlement. With this you determine that you settle the credit card bill in full on a monthly basis, i.e. to theWaive partial payment.

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What does the Amazon Visa card offer?

With the Visa credit card you take part in Amazon's “bonus program”. You also get little extras and can choose between several motifs on your credit card.

Bonus program

As with the costs, there are also differences between the Amazon credit card and the Amazon Prime credit card in the bonus program:

Amazon Visa Card -For every purchase from the mail order company, there are two Amazon bonus points for each euro value of goods. If you buy something from another retailer with the card, you will only receive half a bonus point for every euro spent on the card.

The value of a redeemed point is 1 cent. For every euro you spend on Amazon, you will receive 2 cents. For purchases from other retailers, you get 0.5 cents per euro spent.

From a turnover of around 1,000 euros on Amazon, you get the annual price of the card back in.

Points on the Amazon credit card

at Amazon2 cents per euro value of goods
at other dealers0.5 cents per euro value of goods

Source: website of the provider (as of April 8, 2021)

Amazon Prime Visa Card - As a Prime customer, you receive three bonus points, i.e. three cents, for every euro you spend on Amazon. When paying at other retailers, the cards do not differ, one euro is only worth half a bonus point.

You would have to spend 2,300 euros on Amazon to offset the Prime membership fees. This means that the card is usually only worthwhile if you are a Prime customer anyway.

You can use the bonus points forShopping on Amazon deploy. Either you redeem all of your points in one fell swoop or only part of them. The Amazon credit card must be specified as a means of payment in the Amazon account.

The points collected and redeemed are stated on the credit card bill. They are valid indefinitely. There is one exception: if you terminate the credit card contract, the bonus points expire.

What else is worth knowing about the Amazon Visa card?

Termination -A credit card provider can terminate the card contract with you at any time and does not have to give any reasons. But it's also easy for you to cancel your credit card. There is no notice period. A simple letter to Landesbank Berlin is enough to terminate the card contract.

Pay contactless -You can pay contactless with the Amazon credit card. This means that you simply hold the card up to the payment device instead of inserting it. For sums of less than 25 euros, you don't even have to enter the PIN. In some shops this is even possible for sums of up to 50 euros.

Card limit -Amazon initially only grants you a card limit of 210 euros. Only after you have proven your identity will you find out your actual limit.

SMS service - You can set the events for which you want to receive an SMS. In the simplest and free version, you will only be informed when a new credit card bill is available. However, you can also be informed by SMS every time there was a transaction on the credit card account. This service costs 1.69 euros per month.

What does the card account on Amazon offer?

You can view card transactions and credit card bills via LBB's online banking access. You will receive the access data separately from the credit card by post. The date of the invoice is also noted there, i.e. the day on which the bank collects the money.

The bank debits the money from the deposited current account. If there is credit on the card account itself, the card sales and the credit will be offset against each other.

You can also access the Issue partial payment. Then the turnover is debited once a month and you avoid expensive interest for the installment payments. If there is already credit on the card account, the bank will offset the transactions with it. Additional payments to the credit card account are possible.

For most consumers, the Amazon credit card not worth it, you do better with one of the Finanztip recommendations. With the cards recommended by us, the annual fee does not apply and you can withdraw and pay money free of charge either in the euro zone or even worldwide.

The Prime card can be worthwhile for you if you are a Prime customer anyway and you save the card when paying for Amazon. You should be careful when withdrawing: If there is no credit on the card, it will be very expensive.

Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau is an editor in the Bank & Investments team. During her studies in German and English, she worked for the editorial offices of the Green League, the Jüdische Zeitung and the Superillu. After completing her master's degree, Josefine Lietzau completed an internship at the online consumer portals Banktip and Posttip, where she then worked as an editor.

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