Hire Tesla Motors interns

As an intern at the electric car primus Tesla

“The most exciting time of my life”: A student at the TH Köln was very lucky to be able to complete his practical semester at the Tesla electric car primer in California. The 28-year-old Michael Löwen found it unusual to work with 500 other colleagues in an open-plan office. In the middle of it, however, was often Tesla boss Elon Musk, like most of the others in a T-shirt, as the TH Köln reports. It is “very relaxed, but the pressure is palpable. We were able to divide up the time ourselves, mostly I worked ten hours a day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ”, says Löwen.

Despite his student status, he was already allowed to bear component responsibility at Tesla and developed an innovative sun visor with a magnet and a number of tricky requirements for the front A-pillar of a Tesla model. He developed the faceplate up to the prototype; it is now being mass-produced. It's no secret that even interns get high wages at the tech location Silicon Valley: As a practical semester student at Tesla, Löwen received more than $ 4,500 net per month - but he had to pay almost a quarter of that for his accommodation in the expensive Valley. Included in the wages: Of course, jaunts in Tesla's electric cars.

It is also interesting how the contact came about: A former employee from a previous job of Löwen's supervisor Prof. Blaurock at the VW Group now works for Tesla and asked him to find good mechanical engineering students. According to Löwen, German students are so well received in the USA because American students only do very short internships in companies, while a German internship semester lasts at least five months. This is then also worthwhile for the company.

Via: TH Cologne
Company: Tesla
Drive: electric car