Are Nike shoes from Indonesia counterfeit?

Nike sneakers


The Nike Air Max

Nike sneakers like the Air Max are popular not only because of their cool and colorful design but also because of their great wearing comfort. This is achieved through a flexible sole and very good air cushioning through the integrated air cushion.
The Nike Air Max 90 is available in various materials such as leather, synthetic leather or textile and from pink to black in all imaginable colors. Even if these many styles do not make the explanation of counterfeit features easier, we will now explain the most important features of Nike Air Max 90 fakes and fakes.


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Nike Air Max label

The inside label varies depending on the model, version and size.
However, the structure with which the information is printed is identical.
Pay attention to these things:

The type number of the Nike sneaker, which is stated on the label, must match the type number in the Nike online shop. Check it out simply by visiting the Nike website.

A date is printed twice in the format MM / DD / YY (for example 12/31/15) on the inside label of the shoe tongue under the size information.

Nike Air Max lettering and Nike Swoosh logo

The Nike Swoosh logo must be cut uniformly and the seams are approximately the same distance from the logo.

The letters of the AIR MAX lettering protrude and are often painted in bright colors. The color must not come off.

If the AIR MAX lettering is only painted on and cannot be felt, it is a fake.



Nike Air Max air cushion / air pad

With the original, you can see through the air cushion to the other side of the sole.

On the original Nike Air, the knobs that protrude into the air cushion from above and below narrow towards the middle, where they meet.

In the case of counterfeits, the air pad is usually very cloudy so that you cannot see through.

With the Nike Fake, the pimples sometimes have a different color than the sole in the area and also look as if they were not part of the sole.

Nike Air insole

The insole of the sneaker shows the lettering "Nike Air" with the Swoosh in between. This lettering must not come off even if it is used several times if it is an original.

Other forgery features

- Nike Air Max 90 are never sold in clear plastic bags but in a cardboard box

Nike report counterfeits

If you suspect that a retailer or website is selling counterfeit products under the Nike name, you can report counterfeit products on the Nike website.

Video: How to recognize fake Nike sneakers and Air Max fakes

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